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Greetings allies and enemies, players one and two, both the red AND blue teams and yes, even you slot whoring spectators! Afford me the honor of welcoming you to what essentially serves as a digital landfill. Now while the term most often conjures an image of rotting foods and the feces of various animals, I assure you the contents found here will only VAGUELY resemble my home state. (NJ.gif) With that aside– join my friends and I of the Half-Baked Creators League; Specializing in experience and opinion fueled rants about the worlds of gaming & technology, paired with quite a bit of original content we have planned for yOur amusement! At the very least, it’ll give you something to do while your server undergoes maintenance~

 -The Chairman



2/9 ~ 2/16 2020

Greetings, Leaguelettes-- 

It's been a busy week here, and we hope you've enjoyed what's come your way so far in the new year!

To recap: Captain Pain released episode 2 of his new Breakdown series where he dives into DC and Marvel animation and shares his thoughts-- Harley Quinn and the X-Men have taken center stage here. 

Up next, we've had episode 11 of our Half-Baked Conspiracies series, where this time we dove to the depths of Bikini Bottom to discuss Sponge Bob's potentially radioactive origins!

Lastly, we had a guest post from our very own RPG Craftsman-- it had been a while since we'd heard from him. What did he have to discuss? Star Wars: Fallen Order

Keep your eyes peeled for even more fun we've planned to throw your way in the weeks to come!


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