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ドラゴンボールZ 超スーパーサイヤ伝でん説せつ !

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Didja get all that?

Good afternoon Leaguelettes–

It is I, the fashionably late Chairman!

Okay– so perhaps fashion has little to do with it.. but regardless, I am here to begin closing out everyones favorite holiday: Dragonball Month! 

Today’s installment is one I’ve been quite excited about, as it embodies what I feel a real Dragonball RPG should be.

Thats right– not all Dragonball games were of the side-scrolling or 3-D fighter ilk.

What if I told you that somewhere around the ass-half of 1990, an RPG for the NES had been developed by Bandai? What if I then told you– that it was only a single entry in a slew of Dragonball RPG’s to be released between the NES and it’s Super son the SNES?

Well if any of this information causes sudden and extreme anal leakage– I wouldn’t blame you.

For I too nearly shit my pants when I was a younger Chairman– having my first taste of a Dragonball RPG.

Anyway– thats what we’re here to discuss today: Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu or The Super Saiyan Legend!


So, one summer in the early 2000’s, I found myself sitting at my mothers computer, idly skimming through the massive archives of emulated godliness that was once found at emuparadise.org.

It was then and there that I’d boredly clicked into the ‘D’ section of their alphabetized SNES rom section.

It was there that I’d first laid eyes on a Dragonball title for the SNES. Though I couldn’t quite make out what the rest of the title was… Whatever– I downloaded it, started up ZSNES and prepared for whatever was going to happen.

I honestly expected a low-grade version of Ultimate Battle 22 

Imagine my surprise…

Completely in Japanese, and almost unplayable as a result– Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu was far more than a simple button mash-fest..


Hell yeah…

The game itself functions fairly easily, despite ones inability to read Kanji.

It helps… but it’s not necessary~ Promise!

Battles will be the most confusing thing to get through at first– you can worry about story and…yaknow, what it is you have to be doing, later.

Exhibit A

While flying (or walking..) about planet Earth (Or Namek…) you’ll encounter enemies via a random battle system. The screen above is an example of the first scene you’ll see when a battle begins.

At the center, we see our ever humble enemy, the Saibaman. Who else better to practice our various martial arts on, than a freshly grown brain-baby?

Anyway– Just below him are a set of five cards. That’s right. Metal Gear Ac!d was not the first game to drive people nuts with a card-battle system. But don’t worry, this one’s not so bad…

So at the start of each battle you get yourself a set of five cards. Each of your party members chooses one, and their attacks are based off of these.

The top-left corner of each card displays it’s “Attack” power, which is also indicitive of the speed in which the move will trigger. Higher count of pips in the ball means faster act speed and higher damage.

The bottom right corner features another ball– inside of THAT is the cards defensive power, with a single squiggly line meaning 1 and a Z meaning max. Not sure what the others indicate but…whatever.

The very center of the card is where the meat and potatoes is, however.

The various symbols found within, pertain to the ‘School’ of martial arts the attack is based on. Turtle school, demon school, etc–

Now then– every fighter has a favorite school. For instance, Goku favors Turtle school moves– and selecting one while commanding Goku will cause his card to attack all opponents instead of just one!

And that super flashy symbol in the center card above? That’s where the fun happens.

Choosing one of these cards allows the commanded character to access their list of Ki moves!

Pew pew!!

Anyway.. gameplay is a blast, and the story will see you through from the beginning of the Dragonball Z timeline through the defeat of Freiza on Namek so– plenty to do, and lots of fun to be had while doing so!

Also– as I’m sure you can see from my varying screen shots– there IS an English translation patch available for this title now so– grab yourself a copy and enjoy.

Do it now!

We’re adjourned~

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