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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Good morning everyone, Captain Pain here. So normally this article is the HBCL staff taking on a cartoon conspiracy. Well, to be honest, I fucked up! Normally what happens is I figure out what the theory is going to be a month in advance, and send it out to the rest of the staff. That way they have time to do research, and give me back their thoughts. So, for example the one that was supposed to be for this month, I should have sent it out around July 1st. That way I would have gotten everyone thoughts that participated back by the end of July. Unfortunately, I forgot. By the time I realized it it was mid-late July, and I wasn’t going to rush everyone, so fuck it! So right now, here is a quick update on what are coming up down the line.


So right now, many of you have seen that the last Friday of each month, that I have rotated between three different articles. Underrated Cartoons, Top 5, and Deep Dives. Well in the next few months, I will be ending the Deep Dive series. I have one more to do, and that will be the end of that. Reason for ending it, is because I’m not having fun with that one. I haven’t decided if I’m going to replace it with another series of articles, but for now it will just be Underrated Cartoons, and Top 5, when the last Deep Dive drops.


So if you follow the Facebook group page, and if you aren’t, the hell is wrong with you? Anyway, on the page every Saturday we do a fun poll. I usually put either a video game character up against an anime character, two video game characters against each other, or two anime characters against each other, and see who you guys think would win said fight. I try to have the polls balanced between the two characters, that way hopefully they stay closer to 50%. Unfortunately, that tends to not happen, go find the results from the Heero Yuy vs Amuro Ray poll. Since all the site is video games and animes, it made sense that the polls reflected that. I plan on expanding the polls to movies, comics, combat sports, and probably sports in general. Reason being…….


That’s right! So I ordered the equipment, its back ordered, so now its the waiting game. I’m hoping to have two different podcasts out and running, before year’s end. It all depends on when the equipment get here, and my co host work schedule. I’m hoping that I can at least get the wrestling podcast out by November. When things get more clearer, I’ll give you guys another update. Right now, I got to help The Chairman with the logos for the podcasts. That’s all for now, until next time everyone!

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