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A Brief Interlude: Hilarity in Horror

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Because sometimes, it just is…

GOOD morning Leaguelettes, and Happy Tuesday!

It is I– Count Chair-ula

Aren’t I just darling?

Yes friends– it is that time of year again. And what better way to celebrate, than to discuss what it is we take away from our favorite sub-genre?

Horror, what is it good for? Absolutely everything. We love it– even those of us that hate a jump scare can easily find ourselves at the edge of our seats, soaking up adrenalin and turning it into seratonin.

Delicious chemistry…

But why? These are physiological responses that we’ve evolved with as a means of saving our lives. Alerting us to, and allowing us to respond to danger.

The ole’ fight or flight mode, so to speak.

So what enjoyment do we get out of that? Perhaps it’s a matter of fact that we’ve simply lost any real sense of danger. Panthers, Lions and stampedes are no longer part of our daily life– so maybe we’ve missed it?

Like a modern thrillseeker, leaping from a cliffside with a parachute ready to roll– we load up PT, Resident Evil and Silent Hill with a fresh pair of underpants at the ready.

And we love it.

Don’t we..?

In fact– I dare say we glean so much enjoyment out of such things, that there is an entire sect of meme-dom dedicated to creating horror where none even exists!

Creepypasta, as it has come to be known– the very art of taking something completely innocent

Well, mostly innocent…

and making a terrifying tale to tie it together! (I love illiteration~)

It’s fabulous, if I do say so myself. From Ben drowning, to Hero’s brining and even the fabled Polybius…err– doin’g whatever it does…Fear finds itself playing a pivotal role in our interactive digital media, regardless of console era.

What are some of your favorite horror titles? Why? What is it that sends a chill down your spine? Maybe it’s not a spooooky story… or a creepy setting filled with monsters and ghosts.

Sometimes videogames can rouse the ole’ anxiety levels in other ways.


I know several people who would immediately become uneasy, looking at the above image. Sometimes, a game will cease operating in a way one would expect. The results of which can be a truly surreal experience.

In the end, be it hilarious or horrifying; things of this nature are naught but fascinating to me. I truly believe they take us back to our ignorant troglodyte roots.

A good ole’ humbling to take us down a peg or three. Yaknow?

Anyway, that’s all from me for today. Keep.. uhh.. soiling yourselves in terror n’ stuff..

Consilio et Animus, bone-daddies!

We’re adjourned~

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