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A Brief Interlude: Noble Nonsense

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

E Mare, Libertas Motto of Sealand

Good afternoon, Lord & Lady Leaguelettes–

It is I, the newly appointed Ser Chairman of Sealand!

So pomp, much circumstance– wow!

That’s right folks, as of August 6th, 2019– yours truly has entered the service of Prince Regent Michael Bates; as a Knight Officer of the Principality of Sealand.

It is in that spirit, that I come before you today to discuss a favorite, potentially chivalrous romp through digital gaming entertainment.

Huzzah– and away we go!

So today, we’re going to talk a bit about everyone’s favorite rage-inducing cavalcade of medieval madness.

I of course refer to–

Be it the forefather of the ‘Souls-like’ formula, Demon’s Souls— or the latest iteration of controller throwing infamy; Dark Souls III— this series has never been for the feint of heart.

Now– while I understand that the general ‘Knight’ archetype isn’t necessarily required while playing through these games; it is unmistakably well represented and by far my favorite way to enjoy a Souls title.

For those of you, unfamiliar with a Souls game– let me break it down for you.

That about sums it up… No– really. You start the game as what’s known as either a Hollow or an Unkindled— essentially two names for the same flavor of ice-cream.

The noteworthy thing about being one of the aforementioned trudgers of the darkness, is that you’re undead.

Legend has it– a curse has swept across the land. And those unlucky enough to find themselves afflicted; can never experience death’s sweet embrace… But immortality can’t be all bad, can it?

It can, as it turns out…

So while death may not find you– pain still does. And even moreso– the madness eventually comes and claims them all… Yes– just about every humanoid you encounter in combat is in some way tainted with the curse– and driven mad by it.

And speaking of the combat– few games are as cruel and punishing when forcing you to cross swords…

Around every corner– a twisted abomination waits to press reset on your un-life– robbing you of all of your hard work, time and patience. Leaving a glowing pile of what remains of all of your effort– laying in the darkness, waiting for you to dare the depths again, just to lose it all mere feet from victory…

But worry not– for with a some diligence, a careful sword arm and reflexes like a cat– you may just survive long enough to make it to that next bonfire…

Fewer sights are as comforting as a bonfire in the darkness…

You’ll use this– and others like them, to rest, recover and prepare yourself for your next outing into hell. In some instances– you can even teleport between them, making unlife just a littttttle easier.

Can you rekindle the flames and rid the world of this terrible curse?

Probably not– but it sure is fun trying…

At any rate– give it a go yourself, if you haven’t already. You may come to enjoy repeated death. I know I do… In fact– if you’re interested in watching myself and others of the League take on a little Dark Souls action, why not head over to our video’s page and do just that?!

Consilio et Animus, bitches!

We’re adjourned~

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