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A Brief Interlude: One Frog Stompin’ Good Time!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

To save our mother Earth from any alien attack From vicious giant insects who have once again come back We’ll unleash all our forces, we won’t cut them any slack The EDF deploys! Earth Defense Force, Glorious Chant of Glory – Verse: 1

Good morning Leaguelettes– it is I…The prodigal Chair!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. After a brief stint of IRL tumult, I am back and stronger than ever.

Watch as I heave to and fro in glorious laughter in the face of adversity.


Are you watching?


I come before you today to discuss a title in the realm of digital gaming entertainment, that shall leave you wanting little more than a wet-nap with which to clean yourself up after…

A title who’s five mainline and three spin-off games have you galavanting across the face of the Earth, rending giant insects to little more than chitinous flurries.

I am of course referring to Earth Defense Force by developer, Sandlot.

So– what makes EDF different than other ‘over-the-shoulder’ arcade, co-op shooters available to the masses?

One onomatopoeia, my friends.


Waves– hordes… swarms even; of giant insects, spiders and robot death machines knock on Earth’s door, who else will answer but the Earth Defense Force?!

Taking up the roll of one of four classes, you play as a fresh faced recruit, tossed straight into the meat grinder when the evil aliens assault!

As dire as the situation may sound– I beseech ye not worry of such trifling matters.. For you will be armed… and armed well.

The first, basic and easiest to use of the classes available in EDF is the Ranger. He’s capable of wielding a slew of small-arms weaponry ranging from assault rifles to missile launchers.

In later installments, they’re also given the ability to summon small support vehicles– but they can also pilot any vehicle summoned by an Air Raider— which I’ll get into later.

Beyond this– they boast a high amount of armor (health) and can therefore sustain quite a pounding. Why, knock one to the ground and watch them spring right back up.


The scantily clad, rather ridiculous looking lady you see above, is what is referred to as a Wing Diver. This all-female cross of technology and high-fashion serves but one purpose on the battlefield.

Glass cannon.

She’s often the first to fall in direct combat, especially against spider creatures— but the alien-fueled weaponry at her side is nothing short of pure devastation.

Plus– if things get hairy, she can save up on her energy reserves and fly the hell out of trouble!

What’s that? You say you like the thought of killing giant bugs, but don’t think small arms are gonna cut it?

Well then friend, if you’re like me– you’ve come to the realization that sometimes, bigger really IS better… And that is where the Air Raider comes in.

Specializing in support– this class is capable of calling in a variety of air strikes as well as deploying various AOE improvements and defenses. However– their key feature is the ability to call vehicle drops into combat.

Tanks, helicopters.. and yes my friends… giant– freakin– robots…

Okay, okay– so maybe a Mech is a bit too much for you. Maybe bigger isn’t ALWAYS better– but you still want that extra… punch.

That is where the Fencer comes in.

Capable of boasting two massive weapons PER arm– they are aptly named in that they are the ultimate duelist of the front line. Unfortunately, they lost the lottery on mobility– and move as though one were consistently stuck in knee-high mud.

To balance this– they’ve been given the single largest pool of armor out of any of the other classes.

Plus– they can walk around holding a howitzer so… screw you.

Ahh yes– EDF has it all, if you’re looking for a fun Co-Op experience. Or even if you wanna blow off some steam alone.

Gibbing evil insectoids from beyond will definitely cure what ails ya.

With that said– I bid you all farewell for now. But don’t be TOO sad– keep your eyes peeled for some new content on our YouTube Channel where I’ll be playing some EDF 5.

Coming soon to an internet near you.

We’re adjourned~

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