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A Brief Interlude: Peripheral Panic!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

When toys and games collide…

Greetings Leaguelettes– it is I…

The Chairman!

How’s the family? Dog doin’ alright? Ever get that growth looked at? Good, good–

Enough about you!

I’ve come before you today to discuss the glorious world of the Human Interface Device. Look at you, all on the edges of your seats… Wonderful, is it not?

Look at that. Just soak it in for a moment, will you? Beautiful is it not? That, my friends is the Saitek/Logitech X52 H.O.T.A.S. Space/Flight system.

This overwhelming mass of stick, throttle control and buttons galore, is the newest addition to my silicone arsenal.

That’s right– the lovely, talented and wonderful DistillaPunk had saw it fit to spoil me with the aforementioned gizmo a few days ago. So– what’s it do?

Well– for those of you unfamiliar with these– H.O.T.A.S. stands for Hands On Throttle And Stick– and for good reason. The setup is used to emulate throttle and all rudder/flap controls of older and modern aircraft– or the full thruster suite of a space ship–


What I use it for…

Blowing up giant robots..in a giant robot..

Essentially, the point I’m trying to get across– is simulation. If you’ve ever wanted to put yourself in the seat of an…anything really– Sim games and a good peripheral are the way to go!

I’m not personally a fan of racing titles, but many are. And what better way to cruise down the road in Forza then with say–

Insane, and beautiful..

Much like my self~

Anyway– for me personally, this goes way back to the original Xbox. Anyone remember a little gem by the name Steel Battalion? No?

Allow me to refresh your memory with a most delicious visual..

Now– the one I had featured green buttons, not blue.. but still.

Two sticks, three pedals, a throttle control that worked more like a gear shifter– 5 toggle switches, 33 buttons, a radio tuning dial and a little thumb stick on the LEFT stick… a two HUNDRED dollar price tag, and useable by only one game.

Two if you count it’s online release pack…

Now– some people had managed to figure out how to get it working on a PC, and god bless them, but unfortunately I no longer had mine. For good reason, I feel– as the game itself did… NOT age well. Ha!

Just, kinda ugly and slow. Also like my self…

Now– I’ve been meddling with a few other games using my X52 and have discovered it work’s seamlessly, straight out of the box with Elite: Dangerous.

It also works with only a few minor tweaks, for Star Citizen, which is good news– I hated flying with my mouse and keyboard.

Anywho– my point here is simple: Elevating the experience of playing videogames by immersing yourself in the tangible controls of whatever you’re operating IN game– well..

Sure beats goin’ to the movies any day, if you ask me.

Then again; I always did say ‘If Mecha became main stream tech for the military– I’d join in a heart beat’ so… Perhaps it’s not about the entertainment factor for me so much as it is.. an unhealthy obession with giant robots.


Oh– and if you wanna see me tear ass across the field of battle in 40 ton + death machines; feel free to come check me out on Twitch sometime! I also plan to start doing some Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous game play here in the near future.

Consilio et Animus, mofos!

We’re adjourned~

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