A Brief Interlude: The Fate And Future of VR

Good evening, my little Leaguelettes..

It is I, The Chairman!

Whilst I prepare the next entry of ‘What The Hell Happened?’ for your collective viewing pleasures; I’ve decided to take a moment to share my thoughts on something I’ve very recently come to love.

Those who know me well would say I’ve been too hyped for it. And there are those still who doubt the prosperity and further development OF–

Virtual Reality, of course…


YOU read the topic

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve finally managed to come into possession of an Oculus Rift. Something; mind, that I’ve had my eye on for a while.

I suppose it was more so hinted at than anything but– Anyways..

I’ll admit. I was skeptical at first. Very in fact. Afterall, as a child of the late 80’s and 90’s, my experience with VR was…



So what chance would I really have of finding anything interesting about VR in the age of the “millennial”?

Especially VR marketed to us as “By Facebook”…


Turns out that chance is about one to one…

Yes. Upon further research, I was floored. At least with what was promised. What was demonstrated…

Could I truly be THAT immersed in a digital environment? Or is this snake oil too good to cure what ails me? Well, I had to wait and see. With a price-tag well above my pay grade, it would take several years before I could nab one.

But here we are, some month and a half or so since I’ve gotten my Oculus Touch and …just wow.

Nothing I record for the show would do the actual experience ANY justice. Not that that’s gunna stop me~

NOT to mention that compared to minimum requirements, my PC is a potato and it is still an enthralling way to play.

What worries me is the current lack of content.

While there appear to be some solid games out there, I’ve yet to find enough content to warrant the price of say– a PS4 and thensome. Although, what IS there is amazing fun..

I’m torn~

Not really.

Honestly, I feel as though if enough developers continue sinking their teeth into this technology, it truly could be the future of gaming.

Would it be dramatic to call it revolutionary?


Yes? Then: ^ Me

‘Cause yeah. It is.

At one point, I played ‘Medium‘, one of the Oculus launch titles. A nifty little 3D sculpting platform that was far too complicated for me to use with any real success.

At any rate–

I made a circle! Well– a ring. And then I grabbed it… and placed it around me like a hula-hoop.

And I felt it…

Like no shit, I’d gotten a sensation of warm fuzzies around where my brain perceived it to be.

Amazing.. Though I’ve been guilty of being too easily amused. So I put it on you to make the decision for yourselves.

Go buy one. Or use your buddies’.


Or your grandmothers’

However you manage to give it a go, its my opinion that you shan’t regret it.

Think I’m right? Tell me why in the comments.

Think I’m wrong? Call me an idiot then tell me why in the comments.

Either way, reach out. <3

We’re adjourned~

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