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A Different Kind Of Blood

Good morning my loyal Painkillers, anime fans and newbies to the site. Welcome back to week three of Halloween During Christmas, and Anime Wednesday. Today we will be continuing with the Blood anime series. This one however, is a bit different than the others. So let’s get into it, here is Blood C.


This series follows our protagonist Saya Kisaragi. She is your typical friendly and clumsy teenage girl that lives in a rural town. By day she goes to school, and is the shrine maiden of the Shinto shrine, that her father, Tadayoshi. By night, the two of them would defend their village from creatures known as Elder Bairns. These monsters are able to possess inanimate objects, in order to prey on humans, and suck their blood. Together they try to rid the world of these creatures, and if you want to know of they are successful, you have to watch the series yourself.


Just like the other Blood series and movie, this one is really good as well. I like the changes that they did, to make it different from the other Blood animes from the past, but they left enough in there to let you know that this belongs with the others. If you want to check out this anime for yourself, you can find it on Hulu! That’s all for now, hopefully you all will come back next week on Christmas day!

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