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A Modern Day Team Of Heroes In Medieval Times!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Arthur King was born to lead~

Hey everyone, Captain Pain here! It doesn’t matter if you grew up in the 80’s, the 90’s, or the cartoons were a big part in many kids lives growning up. It doesn’t matter if they were on your local channels, or on cable channels there were some hits, some misses, and some that didn’t get the love that they should have. It could be many of reasons why that happened. It could be something as not on a popular channel, it wasn’t on the after school/Saturday morning block, or just on at a bad time. So with this series, in titled Underrated Cartoons, I will be bringing you some of the cartoons that you might have missed out on. So up first, King Arthur And The Knights Of Justice.

“From the field of the future, and new king will come, to save the world of the past!”

The show opens up with King Arthur and the Knight of the round table locked away in the cave of glass my Arthur’s sister, Queen Morgana. To make sure that Camelot doesn’t fall, the wizard Merlin, searches the future for a team of heroes to save them.

Enter Arthur King, the star quarterback for the football team the New York Knights. He and the rest of the starting offense are on their way back to New York after a big win, and a storm rolls in and next thing you know, they are in Camelot. Merlin explains what is going on, and they agreed to defend Camelot, and save the real King Arthur.

This show was pretty good. It debuted in the early 90’s, and as I remember it, it was on in bad days and time slots. Since I grew up in the New York area, it might have been on a different day, time and channel. When it came on, it was on Sunday morning, on a local network, which meant it on before all the news and religious programs. Next time it was on weekday mornings, at either 8 or 8:30 am. So this meant that depending on what time school started, and how far away you lived from your school, you got to watch part, all, or none of the show. Now you can find this show almost everywhere, you see classic cartoons on tv. If you don’t feel like looking or waiting for it to come on, I did find some episodes on YouTube, or you can just buy all 26 episodes here. Until next time everyone.

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