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A Spooky Anniversary!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The following message is brought to you by Captain Pain

Hey there everyone, its October so you know what that means right? Everyone is going to go bat shit crazy over Halloween. So that means tons horror movies on tv, and some hitting theaters. Some good and God awful Halloween related movies and tv shows. Here at the HBCL, we will be doing the same. For this month, we will be going over some horror related games and animes on the site, and possibly playing some horror related games on our YouTube channel as well.

Also this month marks our one year anniversary! So besides the new articles that will be coming out, we will be sharing some of our very first articles, as well as some of our favorites over the year. We will also be sharing some of our plans that we have for year two. I hope that you guys enjoy, and continue to take this ride with us.

~End of message~

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