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Salutations my eager Leaguelets!      I’d like to preface this entire thing with a heartfelt showing of gratitude on behalf of the entire League.

-Fir what?


Everyone here has been on a mad dash, in their own right, to get things up and running to snuff. And while things seem slow-going right now, I assure you that this is merely the drizzle before the coming storm! Dramatic enough for you?


What now? Well, I’m glad I asked~

  1. Our very own Captain Pain was thoughtful enough to introduce you all to our very first monthly theme: Halloween Hijinks! During the remainder of October, the rest of the League will Trick-And-Or-Treat you to a slew of devilishly delightful talks and tales of spook-tacular titles!

  2. Every month following will carry with it a theme. Each of these will cue you into what we may have in store– but you can bet on more than a few extra peppers bein’ in yer gumbo.

With that said– We thought it prudent to supply a content schedule of sorts that would lay out how frequently we intend to provide goodies going forward! We intend to allow the month of October to go as it has been. We’ll be posting as our thoughts become available, all while sweeping up around the house, so-to-speak.

Starting in November, we’ll be aiming to provide at least three monthly-themed posts per week on: Monday, Wednesday and yes… you guessed it. Friday.

Now… real talk here.

I cannot stress the aforementioned “at-least” part enough. During the remainder of the week, we open the floor to whatever the hell the League’s members feel like talking about, and encourage community suggestions! Our primary goal, after-all, is to provide SO much ocular stimulation that your heads explode so… There’s that. (evilplot.png)

Oh yes, and lest we forget–

Our cauldron bubbleth over with a super-secret recipe that we’ll be serving up at the end of this month on All Hallows’ Eve. So get those bowls ready for something special!

Enjoy the rest of your week, my eager Leaguelets.

We’re adjourned~

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