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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

 A storm’s a’comin’…

Hey there everyone. So I’m going to be honest with you, I was against doing Top whatever list. Simply because everyone and their mother had done some top 5, 8, 10, or whatever number they choose. So, I figured that if I was going to do something like this, that I should do it, as only Captain Pain can, and do topics that not many, or no one has done before. Well here is my first attempt at this, so I hope that you guys enjoy:

You know what we hate in real life, perverts. Oddly enough, we love most perverts in anime. Weather they are young or old, big or small, we tend to tolerate, like, hell even love most of these characters, due to the fact they are there to help out the main character, there for comic relief, and in some cases both. So after sitting down and thinking this over, here is my Top 5 likeable perves in animes (TV series).

Honorable Mention: Brock (Pokemon)


*sparkley noises*

What can you say about Brock? If you are a starting Pokemon trainer, Brock is the best guy to have in your corner. He is brave, tough, and knowledgeable about Pokemon. Hell he is not a gym leader for nothing. There is just one downside to Brock. He is going to hit on everything that he finds attractive with a pair of tits! Every Jenny, every Joy, and every hot woman in between. He gets a mention, due to him flirting with almost every woman, but luckily he gets dragged away, before anything happens, and let’s not forget that Jenny, Joy song.

# 5 Shin (Shin Chan)


American schools, indeed…

Oh yes, this little bastard makes the list. He is only five years old, and has no problem with pulling his dick out, and stretching it out in front of people. Let’s not forget that he is an ass dancing machine. He is in love with with Nanako, and even threatened to kick Yonro’s ass just cause he talked to Nanako. Hopefully as Shin gets older, he will go out of this. As of now, he makes the list, and if he doesn’t grow out of this, he will definitely be going places. Like to prison, on multiple charges.

# 4 Solomon Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh!)


Don’t play innocent, old man!

I know, I know, some of you saw the name, and are saying what the fuck Captain!? Grandpa is just a nice old man that likes to play games, how is he a pervert? And to that I say, shut up you idiots, and let me explain. That nice old man that you see, is only in the 4kids version of the show. In the original Japanese version, he is an top tier perv, so they changed him up a lot. It’s hard to get momma to shell out cash for little Timmy to get Yu-Gi-Oh cards when you have an old man in the show hitting on a 16 year old girl. Perfect example of him being a pervert, is in the Yu-Gi-Oh Zero series. This the series that came out before all the card game bs. It was only released in Japan, and in the old Shonen Jump magazine. The first interaction that you see with him and Tea, he starts saying how much of a woman that she has grown into, and how much her breast have grown since the last time he saw her. Yeah, I’ll take two booster packs!

# 3 Miroku (Inuyasha)


That ain’t blush…

I guess when you family is cursed with a deadly wind tunnel in your hand, that could swallow you up at any moment could make anyone want to reproduce early and often, but damn man, slow the fuck down a bit. This guy hits on every woman of age, and if I remember right one young one young girl that wasn’t, but that was under some circumstances. Anyway, besides flirting with all these women, he has no issue flirting with a demon or two as well, and all of this is done right in front of Sango, the woman that he loves. If you loose track of Miroku’s hands at anytime, you can probably find one rubbing on Sango’s ass, even at some of the most inappropriate times. The only good thing is that Miroku finally settled down with Sango and started a family together. (Spoiler)

# 2 Jiraiya (Naruto)


Need I say more?

When your student calls you “Pervy Sage”, you know damn well that this guy was going to make the list. I don’t blame this guy, he survived a ninja war, traveled the world, and all that he should want and have is a good drink, and a few women on his arm, but damn does he go about it the wrong way. Damn man, you don’t have hit on every woman you see, and no more with that “Sexy Jutsu” from Naruto. Well at his age, I guess that he has to get women the best way he knows how. Speaking of old men….

# 1 Master Roshi (DragonBall)


Need a tissue..? Or a donor..?

Come on now, you guys knew that Roshi had to be on the list. From telling his young students to go find him a woman, to basically motorboating 18, Roshi is a world class martial arts champion, and a world class perv. Hell he is such a pervert, even Google knows. Don’t believe me, type in Master Roshi into your Google search bar, and see how fast the word perv pops up. There is nothing that I can really say about Roshi, we have probably seen all of his pervy ways and comedy antics over the years. Now that with the announcement of DragonBall Super continuing, we will get to enjoy this pervy son of a bitch for many years to come.

Do you agree with my list? Did I leave anyone off? Let me know in the comments below. Hopefully this went over well, and I can do another list like this down the road. Until next time everyone!

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