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April Release Day!

What’s up, you April fools?! It’s time for another round of awesome games. Let’s jump right in!

First up for the PS4: Hellpoint

Set after the events of a quantum catastrophe, all living beings have lost their minds. Their bodies fused together with alternate versions of themselves from parallel universes. Fight your way through the Irid Novo, a space station riddled with all sorts of nightmarish creatures and otherworldly beings. Figure out the series of events that led up to the cataclysm. Did I mention the looming black hole? Hellpoint is set for release April 16th, 2020

Next up for Xbox: Deliver Us the Moon

It’s the near future, Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. To try and combat the energy crisis, global powers create the World Space Agency and set off to the moon for a new source of fuel. All was well until one night when all communication with Earth stopped and the energy source was lost. Years later, you assume the position of Earth’s last astronaut. Your mission is to head to the moon and investigate what happened. Together with your robot companion, ASE, you will traverse the moon. Check out the abandoned facilities and gather clues to help solve the mystery of lost communication that happened years ago. Will you be the one to successfully deliver the moon and save the Earth? Deliver Us the Moon is set for release April 24th, 2020

Last up for the Nintendo Switch: Trials of Mana

The world has become shrouded in darkness. In an attempt to fight off the evil, the Mana Goddess forges the Sword of Mana. With this sword, she defeats the eight Benevodons and seals them in Mana stones scattered across the world. In the midst of rebuilding the world, the Goddess grows weak and changes herself into a tree and falls into a deep sleep. While she sleeps, forces of evil seek out the stones and unleash the Benevodons to gain ultimate power. It is up to three heroes and a faerie to fight off these forces of evil and keep the Mana Tree from completely dying. Trials of Mana is set to release April 24th, 2020

That’s a wrap for this month’s games. See you next time!

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