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As seen above…

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Though, comes from below…

Good afternoon, Leaguelettes…

It is I– your fecal-furious Chairman.

Allow me to welcome you to the first of many situations in which the League and I will take to our soapboxes for but a singular purpose…

To bitch.

Yes– for thousands of years, humanity has leaned on the tried-and-true wooden crate


Beautiful, really…

It’s sheer, flat edges.. various pointed corners, and sturdy construction made it the ideal platform for holding ones own weight.

A testiment to how truly sturdy these devices were– considering how fat-headed most of the aformentioned humanity tends to be.

Anyway– it is in the spirit of this humble cuboid that I shall be delivering unto you; my own fat-headed opinions.


Horse shit…

All of it, really– but what in particular shall we shred asunder today?


Game Design is a process by which you take your passion, creativity and energy; siphon it out of every inch of your body and finally secret it into the nearest toilet.

Lather rinse and repeat until you’re happy with your results– and flush it again!

It’s painful, unrewarding and completely soul-crushing. Especially when there are those with absolutely NO emotional investment in you OR your project– trying to tell you what and how you’ve done things wrong.

Where is YOUR game, I ask?

Where are your countless hours of thankless effort?

Show me…

Show me the blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into ANYthing in your miserable little existence.. Ah– but there is nothing to show. Naught but a fowl, wretched shell– hollow and devoid of any light.

A putrid vortex of self-loathing that attempts to draw in and consume ANY shred of hope and happiness that dear tread to close…

Repugnant.. Repulsive even.

There has never been a better time to get into the industry. Don’t let my sour persimmons dismay you…

When I was a child– I dreamed of designing the perfect game. Little did I know that during the era of the Famicom/NES; ones and zeroes  were the only way to get the job done.

Now its 2019– there are game engines available that do almost all of the work for you. No more machine language– no more memory addresses… no longer is game design in the hands of a select few.

No longer is the overwhelming inability to understand code, a barring factor from bringing ones dreams to life.

It’s still…incredibly difficult– but so much easier now than it has ever been. Get your asses out there. Show me your dreams.

But if you don’t– I also don’t want to hear you complain about what wasn’t done right.

Fucking get out there and do it right then, dipshit. Stop complaining and start doing.

Or shut the fuck up.

You know who you are….

We’re adjourned.

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