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At Least Lube Us Up Before Screwing Us!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Well it’s Friday, and its time for a very special rant! Why is it special, well first off, it is early for a rant, and two it’s Level Up day for the one and only Captain Pain.


That’s right, today I’m now a level 35 Asshole! So what better way to celebrate me leveling up, is to spew some venom out there.


Two of my loves ever since I was a child were video games, and pro wrestling. It was always cool when those two worlds combine. It didn’t matter if it was a game for the NES, up to games now, I would get excited, and run out and play them. Unfortunately, 2Kgames completely dropped the ball with latest WWE game. Holy shit, what a complete cluster fuck. So for those that don’t know, I’ll give you a quick history.


Back in 2000 THQ and Yuke’s released the first WWE wrestling game. This relationship lasted until 2013, when THQ filed for bankruptcy, and closed its doors.


The WWE video game license went to 2Kgames, with Yuke’s staying onboard. With years of the two butting heads, Yuke’s left the WWE 2K series January of this year. Not wanting to miss the WWE’s deadline, this left 2K to make WWE 2K 20 from the ground up. To do this, they build the game on an engine from the days of PS2, and boy it shows!


Not only that, the game is glitchy as hell!


Sad part is, this is not just a 2k issue! Shit like this is an industry issue. Most of these companies have gotten used to making a shitty game, putting it out on the market, and we buy it up because it is a squeal, prequel, spin-off, remake,or it just reminds us of a game we enjoyed in the past. If they put it out glitchy, broken, or unfinished, no worries, they will just put out a “Day One Patch” for it.


I get sometimes that a game will come with a some minor bugs, but what has been going on lately is a mess! So what can be done about this? Well after the North American video game crash, Nintendo put a quality seal on games and accessories. Meaning that these products were approved by Nintendo, before they hit the market. Maybe it’s time for not only Nintendo, but also Sony, Microsoft, and even Steam to do quality test games before they are released. And by quality test, I mean that just like Nintendo did before, they are testing them to make sure they work, not that they are good, like some people thought during that time.


Something needs to be done, and it needs to be done soon! If this keeps up, these game developers will eventually push gamers away from buying new games, especially the first weeks, when sales matter the most for companies. Sorry but Sony should not be doling out refunds for broken games, and companies should not be putting out tweets, saying things such as, yes we know that our game is fucked, but hang in there, cause we might be able to fix it. Otherwise just wait for next year, and buy our newest buggy piece of shit. Alright I’m done with this, I’m Captain Pain, fuck you, and happy birthday to me!


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