Because “Chairman The Great And Powerful Oz” Wouldn’t Fit On A Plackard.

That’s right my little Leaguelettes, I’m not dead!

Sorry to dissapoint some of you~

No, No– I’ve been lurking in the shadows this whole time, giving myself a VERY necessary reprieve from well.. a lot of things.

Yes, friends– life has it’s troubles and no (wo)man is immune to it’s venomous nibble.


Ooh Let that imagery sink in~

Anywho– With things returning to a more normal pace, I find myself able to once again do what I love most: Wasting my life entertaining you with all things gaming!

Before I shed light on any of my schemes however, I wanted to take a moment to thank Captain Pain; whom without his constant efforts to post, the site would surely have died.


Thanks again old friend…

So– now what, you may ask. And a valid question that would be…well, with the appropriate punctuation anyway. But I digress..

Games! More games! Many moar gamz!!

You can expect weekly input from yours truly to coincide with the Captains’ usual slew of awesome.

Beyond that, you can expect some renewed activity on our YouTube Channel. This includes a slew of new games we thought you might enjoy watching me suck hard at. BUT WAIT there’s more!

During my…sabbatical; we’ll call it– I was able to procure a neat little toy that will enable us to share some awesome VR content with you guys as well! So really– the Skyrim’s the limit!


 Or more precisely…my computer’s the limit…

At any rate– Good things on the horizon my friends… Good things!

We’re Adjourned~

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