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Bojack The Conqueror

Updated: Feb 7, 2020


Good morning loyal Painkillers, anime fans, and of course Dragonball fans! Welcome to another addition of Saturday Morning Cinema. By now, if you read my earier SMC and Anime Wednesday articles from this month, you might have figured out that my favorite character is none other than Gohan. And when I say Gohan, I do mean kid and teen Gohan, not that older Great Saiyaman bullshit verison. Anyway, knowing this it only seems right to tell you guys about another DBZ movie where he is the lead (even though he gets some help from his dead father). So let’s get right into it, here is the Dragonball Z movie, Bojack Unbound.

The real deal, this time…

So the reason why all this happens is because of Goku. Bojack is a conquer. His goal is to conquer the universe, and kiil anyone that stands in his way. The four Kais were able to seal him away in a star. Unfortunately, when Goku brought an exploding Cell to King Kai’s planet, the explosion broke the seal and Bojack was released. Damn, seems like Goku was right about what he said at the end of the Cell saga.

So the movie opens up with a marital arts tournament about to start up, and the majority of the Z fighters are there. The winner of the tournament gets to fight the world champion Hercule. Goku is in the other world watching the tournament take place. I come down to the final four, in which they would compete against fighters from around the galaxy. The promoter realizes right away that those are not the fighters thst he booked, and everyone finds out right away when they smack down the remaining Z fighters. If you want to know more, you have to watch this movie for yourself.

This movie is great. Its an hour long, so it gets right to the point. I do like the fact that it feels like an extended episode. In some cases it doesn’t work, bit in this case it does, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they stuck this in as a filler episode or two. Once again this shows that with a bit more time and training, that he could be the new saviour of Earth. That is, if the writers went that way, instead we got…………well you know. Anyway, just like before this in not on any regular streaming service, so if you want, you can buy it here. Until next time everyone.

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