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Good Morning all, I know that it has been a while since you last heard from me. So right now I’m almost done setting everything up in my new place, and hopefully I will be busting out articles, polls, and gaming streams soon. Right now, I’m going to give you some info on my new series of articles that will be called Breakdown!

When Disney+ dropped recently, my wife jumped on it day one. Just recently, I signed up for DC Universe. Between the two streaming services, I have access to almost every, TV show, movie, and animated series from DC and Marvel Comics. With this, I figured that I can do episode summaries on some of the series that I have watched, or currently watching on each one.


On Mondays, I’ll be doing breakdowns of shows on DC Universe. They have a lot of their older animated shows on there, as well as the Christopher Reeve’s Superman movie from 1978. To start off with, I will do a shorter series, and a longer series. With my short series I’ll do the highly talked show, Harley Quinn. For my longer series, I’m going to do the show that was one of the reasons why I got DC Universe, Young Justice.


On Wednesdays, I’ll be doing Marvel shows on Disney+. Over the years, Marvel animated shows have been on networks such as Fox, WB/CW, Nickelodeon, and now on Disney. There are plenty of shows to choose from, but I’m going to pick two long series from my childhood. I’ll start with the original X-men series from 1992, and the Spider-Man series from 1994.


Each month, I’ll give 2 breakdowns for each show. I hope that you guys like it, and turn up every Monday and Wednesday around midnight. Hopefully someone from DC and/or Disney/Marvel see these breakdowns, like what they read, and they want to throw some money the HBCL’s way. Hey, a guy can dream. Anyway, check out the first breakdown on February 3rd at midnight!

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