Browned Pants -OR- The Color of Fear

Smell that? I do..

Its the unmistakable scent of shear terror. Lucky for me its almost laundry day! Cleansing the foulness aside– Let us get to root of  what caused this stain of horror…

Okay, perhaps that was a little much.. Really, all I have for you today is part one in a collection of five titles from my personal gaming past.

The past…Ahh yes, Delaware Avenue; Jersey City, New Jersey.. Circa…uhhh 1990-ish. It was then and there that I was first introduced to gaming as a whole, thanks of course to my dear mother. Apparently, it was the Christmas of 1985 (or so I’m told.. Not making many memories four months before birth, are we?) and my fathers greatest gift to my mother became his biggest regret.

The Nintendo Entertainment System had come out in America earlier that year, and when the wrapping paper came flying off, revealing a shiny boxed console along side a copy of Castlevania; well… my fate sealed itself before I even hatched. Skip ahead a few years and, much like an old man fiddling with his TV’s rabbit ears, I started to make some clear memories from the static of my infant brain. And they weren’t all good…

Horrifying memory 1: Kid Icarus’ Critters


My birth happened to almost coincide with the release of Kid Icarus. Beat it out by eight months! Yet, I clearly remember my mother playing it when I was around four or five. So– perhaps it was a late addition to her collection? At any rate– graphics at the time left a lot to a youngsters imagination and to be frank, the creatures found throughout the games areas became the stuff of nightmares… Eerie, dissonant-toned, chiptune sound-effects… Unnatural and erratic movement… and the tentacles.. God; would you look at that thing?! Cthulhu, it’s 10 PM.. Do you know where your children are..?

Thank you for taking this little trip with me down memory lane and be sure to come back tomorrow for Part 2: Proper Manners at the “D”inner Table!

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