Can Love Truly Conquer All?

Good morning Painkillers, and welcome to a very special Anime Wednesday. Today here in the States, and a few other places around the world, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day. So, on this day of love, I must ask a few questions. Can love truly blossom anywhere? Even on the battlefield? Even if the people are on opposing sides? Well, lucky for you guys, you don’t have to answer those questions, since there is an anime out there that might answer those questions for us. So sit back, strap in, and let’s watch Mobile Suit Gundam: The 8th MS Team.

The show takes place in Universal Century 0079, and if that sounds familiar, welcome fellow Gundam fans, thanks for reading my past post, or both. Anyway, on his way to Earth, Earth Federation solider Ensing Shiro Amada incounters a skirmish between Federation and Zeon mobile suits, and goes out to help. While out there, he ends up getting stranded with Aina Sahalin, who happens to be a Zeon piolt, who is currently working on an experimental mobile armor. They end up helping each other out, and got back to their respective sides.

Finally on Earth, Shiro meets his 8th MS Team. First there is Karen Joshua. She is the second in command, and acts as the teams medic. Up next there is Eledore Massis. He drives the teams support hovertruck. He is not very brave, and has admitted that he is not cut out to be a solider, and only puts himself in danger when it’s needed. Next we have Michel Ninorich. He is Eledor’s partner inside of the hovertruck, serving as the navigator and Gunner. During his downtime, he writes letters to his girlfriend BB. Most of the time, the letters act as narration, to inform viewers what is going on, or to advance the story. The final member of the team is Terry Sanders. He has had a run of bad luck with former teams. Past teams have all been killed by their third mission with, leaving him as the sole survivor, which he has been giving the nickname of “Sanders the Reaper”.

During their time together, the Federation finds out that the woman that Shiro Amada has been talking about, is a Zeon solider, so they throw him in jail for treason. They give him a chance of redemption, he has to take his team deep into Zeon territory and take out a secret base. While there, he runs into Aina Sahalin. What would they decide to do? Will they attack each other? Will they say fuck it, and run away together? Will the Federation or Zeon say fuck it, and decide to just kill them off? Well, you guys just have to watch and see for yourself. I just recently saw this series again on Hulu, and now this is your chance to experience it for yourself. So until next time Painkillers, and have a great Valentine’s Day.

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