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Hey kiddies,

It’s October, so you know what that means, Halloween time! So everyone and their mother will be posting their videos or blogs about scary movies, and video games; the WWE did their Hell in a Cell PPV, and we here at the HBCL decided to join in on the fun.

So while others of the League might talk about how scary a certain game was to them, I’m going to talk about how frustrated I became playing a classic: Resident Evil for the original PlayStation. Still available on Amazon: Resident Evil: Director’s Cut.

So for those of you that don’t know, I was born in 1984, and like many gamers at or around my age, we grew up on Mario and Sonic, and were a part of the “Bit Wars”. Growing up poor in the projects of New Jersey meant that whatever system I had, was going to be the only system I will have, and new games will be hard to come by, at least until my birthday or Christmas.

When I got my PS1, my game library was nothing but sports games, shooters, and fighting/wrestling games. Mostly games that my mom and grandma could go to the store thinking “Oh, He’d like this game, because it was football or basketball.” So most of the time Christmas may have looked like the latest NFL game day, NBA live, WWF Raw, or maybe a title such as Crusader: No Remorse.

Thank God for places like Blockbuster and friends that I could trade games with, and sometimes even buy their old game for fair a price. This allowed me to expand my gaming experience and my library with games such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid.

Now some of you may be wondering “Why the hell bother telling us all of this? I thought that this was supposed to be about your experience playing Resident Evil?” Well, here’s the thing, if you are a kid that plays nothing but sports games, how the hell are you supposed to play something like Resident Evil?

So one day I’m at a friend’s house, as usual playing video games, killing time before I had to go to basketball practice. And as usual, I found myself looking through his games to see if anything catches my eye. I saw Resident Evil, and asked him how was it, and he told me that He’d just beaten it, and it was good. He already knew what I was going to ask, and said to come by after practice, and take it home to try it out. Sure enough I did. I ran home, popped it in my PlayStation, and oh boy, did the frustration set in.

So about 10 minutes into the game, I died about 50 times, I swear that had to be a record, I should have called the people at Guinness. To me, it didn’t make sense why I ran out of ammo so quickly, and “How come the knife doesn’t seem to work for me?” Well, I guess playing way too many games where things like health and ammo were just littered all around each level stunted my knowledge and understanding as a gamer, at that time.

I called my buddy up, asked him what the fuck was up with this game, he laughed and started to inform me about how to play. It reminded me… There’s video out there called “Metal Gear Awesome,” where at the end, the guy comes through the phone and shoots his buddy for not giving him the info that he needed beforehand, causing him to be stuck for a while. I swear that was my exact reaction, way before that video was ever made. Wishing there was a way to get through this phone and choke him a bit for not telling me more about game-play before I got home, to play this thing.

So between dying more than a few times, being told how the games plays, and understanding it, playing had become much easier.

Oh trust me, I still:

  1. Died a lot

  2. Ran out of ammo

  3. Cursed out loud when I put many, many…many rounds of ammo into an enemy and they were still coming at me

  4. Couldn’t find Health

  5. Tried to figure out where and when a good time to use an ink ribbon to save

And the worst part of the whole experience? Trying to solve puzzles and figuring out where to go next.

Yes all of this was frustrating, but at least now I was having fun with the game, since my frustration was part of the games mechanics. Everything that I was complaining about made me think about how I would play and get through the game. The sounds, the atmosphere, the way enemies would come out of nowhere, running low on ammo or health making me think “Will I survive the next encounter?” and “If I die now, how much would I have to redo from the last time I saved?” It all made me sweat like crazy.

When I finally beat the game, I was sure that I’d gotten a bad ending seeing as I was the only survivor. So once again I called up my buddy to ask him. Once again he laughed at me and told me that he had read that there were four different endings, and as I figured, he confirmed that not only did I get a bad ending: it was the worst one in the game. I asked him what ending he’d got, and he said that it was the second best possible. Fuck, time to go back in, and hopefully tie him, if not get the better ending.

Hope that you guys enjoyed my experience playing Resident Evil and got a laugh like my buddy did.

Let me know what you guys think, and please share some of your experience playing this game, or any other horror based games!

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