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Changes Are Coming!

Good morning, I’m Captain Pain, and this is 2020! Happy new year everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves during the holidays! I know personally that I ate to much, drank too much, and didn’t get enough sleep! Anyway it’s a new year, so that means we here at the HBCL are doing some changes as well. Hopefully these changes will be for the better.

So first thing is, you may have noticed that this article came out much earlier than normal. That is because for now on, all articles will come out around midnight eastern time, the day of their release. We are hoping to try to get more readers to see articles when they come out on the first day. So why not use the entire 24 hours.

Next change, this is probably all that you will be hearing from me in January. Reason being, I am moving. Where to? Well at the time of writing this, I don’t know yet. My lease at my current place ran out, and the property manager didn’t renew it. They are fixing everything up, and jacking up the rent! So for this month, I’ll be busy packing up the old place, setting up the new place, testing everything to make sure it all runs properly, and getting back into my grove in the new place. Hopefully all will be ready by the end of January, so I can start fresh in February. Also, I really don’t know what happened with my last stream the other day, 10 minutes in and I got kicked off the server. Sorry guys!

Next change, I’m shutting down my Grad A Buddy Monday, and Anime Wednesday articles. I love and will always love video games and anime, but right now not doing those two articles will allow me to expand into other geek/nerd things I like. Don’t worry The Chairman and DistillaPunk will provide you with your gaming fix. Also Saturday Morning Cinema will still be around, for your anime need. Also, Rant Friday will be no more. Don’t freak, we are all still angry about things, but we will voice them as needed as specials.

Finally, we have some new things coming! I do have articles in mind to replace the articles that I just shut down. They will be based around comics, so I hope that you all enjoy. I have another group project article that also is conspiracy theory based. The Chairman is working on #PRM2D, and I’m trying to make sure that I still have a team to do podcast with. Lots of delays on that due to waiting on equipment, now the delay is me having to move. Also, there might be some reorganization happening with the site, so sorry in advance as we try to make things look better, and easier to navigate. Well, that’s all for now!

I’ll let you get back to drinking! Stay safe, and help us all make this year a great one!

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