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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Is it possible to have been both naughty AND nice..?

Good afternoon, Leaguelettes.

It is I– the ghost of Christmas peiste.


There I am..

Anyway– I come before you today,  to share some yule tide goodness in the form of materialistic desires.

Eat that, Buddhism.

The following is a small and … modest… collection of items I find myself wanting this year. Will Santa contribute to my happiness by doing his part?

Probably not– but some of you may find interest in these items, yourselves!

So without any further delay, let’s delve into it shall we?

1.) – The Kuratas


God… yes…

Ahh yes, the number one item on my list. And why not, really? It’s a legit, pilotable giant robot… Yes please.

Created by artist Kogoro Kurata and roboticist Wataru Yoshizaki, this rideable, user-operated mecha stands 13 feet tall and weighs a staggering 9900 pounds!

The Kuratas runs off of a diesel powered engine that drives four wheels to a top speed of 6 miles per hour. So you won’t be blazing any trails in this bad boy, but who needs speed when you’ve got power?!

It’s 30 jointed exoskeleton supports a humanoid upper frame capable of being mounted with a variety of weapons such as a twin rotary cannon that fires 6,000 BB pellets per minute.

If small arms are less your style, try on the Kuratas ‘LOHAS’ launcher that can fire water bottle rockets!

And let’s not even get into utility.. A carbon shield, a shot-proof barrier that protects the cockpit, a radio system… and even a claw arm attachment… Why– this thing can even be remotely controlled to you ala Big-O with Iphone connectivity!

Absolutely rediculous. And I want it…

Don’t worry folks… The Chairman won’t be rolling through the streets of a small city hosing down people with water-rockets any time soon… Not with a 1.3 million dollar BASELINE pricetag…

But if it’s something you’d… I don’t know…wanna purchase FOR me.. go right on over to Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ website and order one. (Orange is my favorite color…)

2.) – HOTAS Hell Yeah!


So… pretty…

So while I’m quite unlikely to get a REAL giant robot to play with, this baby offers me the next best thing.

The HOTAS Warthog by Thrustmaster is the ultimate in simulation goodness. Offering a replica US airforce A-10 Warthog control scheme with… just a shit load of programmable buttons, switches, toggles and knobbies…

I’m throwing technical garble to the wind on this one, as the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck are standing on edge.. I just wanna pop open MechWarrior Online and lay waste to my enemies with these in my hands…

And with occulus support..? Pfffffft

This baby will set you back a hefty $470.77 if you get here here on Amazon, though I’d say quite worth it for the price.

3.) – Nintendo Goodies Pt. 1

Let’s face it. I’m a giant child.

With that out of the way, let us begin throwing our money at Nintendo, and Nintendo related things, shall we?

The first on my list of Nintendo-esque goodies, is none other than Starlink: Battle for Atlas!

Of course, the Switch version…


Fuckin’ neat…

For those of you who are unaware– Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an action adventure title by Ubisoft.

Released on October 16th of this year, it features a very interesting toy-to-life element… As can be seen above. This allows players to purchase physical ship parts that appear in game once attached to their real-life vessel!

Players are then able to use these ships to explore the Atlas star system and it’s various planets with a friend via split-screen co-op!

Pretty cool if you ask me..and I want it.

Grab yourself..or me… a starter kit here!

4.) – Nintendo Goodies Pt. 2

Again, giant child; right? You with me so far?


Yup. And?

I want this. You should too. Infact, everyone should. So there.

For those of you living beneath a rock, these are the newest Pokemon titles to grace the public Ultra Sun and Moon hit around this time last year.

The difference here is the level of interactivity brought to the budding and veteran trainer alike.

For no longer is it the case, that you must knock around a critter for a while before you can catch it. No, instead; this iteration of Pokemon has adopted the capturing mechanic from Pokemon: Go. It even features a nifty little Pokeball device that you can use in game, and will let you store a Pokemon inside for…

Various reasons..?

Anyway– I adore the direction this is going in, and can’t wait to get my hands on this re-telling of Red and Blue versions.. Where it all began for me.

Get yours (or mine…) here!

5.) – Nintendo Goodies Pt. 3 The Ultimate

Literally… saving the best for last.



Nothing needs to be said. And yet, here I go~

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I pretty much have to have it. Regardless of your opinions, which if are anything unlike mine; are therefore wrong– is going to be THE best Switch title release this year. Hands down.

And I look very much forward to thrashing the masses soundly.

Preorder it here and save eleven cents… Woot~

I hope this list helped you shop for the man that has everything, the woman that wants a giant robot and of course– your favorite Chair-person.

Happy holidays you naughty little monkeys.

We’re adjourned~

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