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Christmas Too Early

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

It’s finally November! 2019 is almost over! There were a few things that I was hoping for this year, but one definitely did not happen. That was that all the Christmas shit, wouldn’t happened until at least mid November. Boy was I way off! I was over in my local big chain store back in September, after the Back To School sale ended. I went over to the seasonal aisle, and I kid you not, it was filled with Halloween stuff, and the end caps were filled with Christmas lights and tree toppers! The fuck is this shit!?

It just seems that the Christmas season is moving up more and more each year. The crazy part is, people buy into this bullshit, and do stupid shit, like have their Christmas tree up and fully decorated, days before Halloween! Fuck those people! Those are the people that annoy the fuck out of you at work, and try to get you on every shitty seasonal thing they like! Not everyone likes pumpkin spice Susan, so fuck off with that shit, and leave me alone! Damnit!

When I was younger Cartoon Network used to do this thing called Christmas in July. Now I don’t know if they were the first to so something like that, but what it was, was a week of programs where they would show Christmas specials. It was just a way for them so show these specials again, since they owned the rights to them, and they wanted more use out of them. Also, it was a way to have their audience think cool thoughts, in the hot weather! The crazy part is, if this keeps up, I can easily see these stores doing Christmas in July all the way to December. Most stores can’t compete with places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, and most don’t make money all year until the holiday season. I could easily see these stores trying to do something like this! And the sad part is, dumb people will go out and buy candy canes in August, just cause! I already know that at the time that I’m writing this, I know that I will be walking into a store within the next two weeks, and the store will have Christmas music playing. Ugh! Sometimes, its shit like this that makes me hate the Holidays! I’m Captain Pain, and Fuck You!

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