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Console Mega-Wars II

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

The Post-Crashening…

That’s right Leaguelettes,

There were just FAR too many combatants to mention in a single month. And so, Console Mega-Wars Month has been extended into September! Wherein we will feature all of the Post-Crash consoles that have lit up our lives.

So heres what the general line up is going to look like..

Captain Pain has graciously decided to tackle Sony’s impact on our collective simulant society. From the controversy that lead to the birth of the PlayStation all the way to the triple-A titan that is the PS4. He also plans to take a jab or two at SNK’s NeoGeo line.

To continue where I left off here with the Game & Watch; the plan is to dig e’er deeper into the thick shell that is Nintendo’s early work. The purpose of my voyage? To find the rich creamy center that is today’s digital-dictatorship: Switch era Nintendo.


All hail the overlord…

Beyond these, our usual entries– we’ll be having a few guest posts by some of the more illusive members of the League. This will include a feature on the follies of Sega, and some other special surprises!

So keep your eyes peeled, and your trigger-button fingers nice n’ twitchy. ‘Cause things are gonna git ugly.

We’re adjourned~

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