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Cool Samurai Is What We Need!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Trust me, I’m a Captain.

Good morning loyal Painkillers, and anime fans! Welcome to another edition of Anime Wednesday. Today I have a good one for you. First off, do you guys know who Shinichiro Watanabe is? He is the director behind shows like Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, and the show I’m going to talk about today. So then let’s get right into it. Here is Samurai Champloo!

The show starts off with following one of the main characters Fuu. She is a waitress at a tea shop, when she is attacked by a group of samurai. She is rescued by the other two main characters, Mugen and Jin. They began to attack each other, and accidentally end up killing the magistrate’s son. Mugen and Jin are to be excuted for their crime, but luckily for them they are rescued by Fuu, and escape. In return, Fuu ask them to travel with her in the search to find the samurai the smells of sunflowers.

This show is simply amazing. It uses a very similar style that Shinichiro Watanabe used in his other show Cowboy Bebop. Where you mix two completely different things together, and it works great. I doubt when people hear about a show that blends Edo-era Japan with hip-hop, that the show would be successful. Jokes on them, because it is. If you haven’t seen this show before, or its been a while since you have, its time to binge watch it on Hulu. If you rather just want to outright own this 26 episode masterpiece, get it here from Amazon. Until next time everyone! Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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