Cute but Deadly

There are many things that Captain Pain enjoys in life. Two of them are weapons and women. For this Anime Wednesday, there are plenty of weapons in this series, but the girls are way, way, way too young for the Captain… Anyway, let’s explore the two seasons (yes two seasons, the first season only has 12 episodes and season 2 has 15, so it’s still a short series despite having multiple seasons) of Gunslinger Girl.

Set in Italy, you may think that the Social Welfare Agency is just a simple place that helps people who have been seriously injured with rehabilitation, instead it is a government sponsored military organization that specializes in counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism. They find young girls that have experienced traumatic and near death experiences to make them new agents, and give them cybernetic implants. The implants heightens the girls strength and reflexes, as well as a high pain tolerance. Each girl is paired with an adult male handler that the girls refer to them as brother.

The handlers all have their own style and have different views and opinions on dealing with the girls. Many of them have military or police backgrounds, and were selected to this program because of it. Each handler is responsible for the training, field performance, and the well being of the girl that is assigned to them. The handlers are free to use any methods they feel useful and necessary to produce results. Unfortunately all the girls must go through “conditioning” treatments, which is basically brainwashing, so that they stay loyal to their handlers no matter what.

The show is really good. The missions and training that the girls go through are fun to watch. The interactions between the girls are most cute, when they are not blowing something or someone up. The interactions between the handlers tend to advance some of the storylines. The best interactions are definitely between the girls and their handle. It’s clearly easy to see where each handler stands with their assigned girl, weather they actually care for them, if this is just a job to them, or if they rather be anywhere else than dealing with this pint size assassin.

I watched this series years ago on Amazon Prime, but unfortunately it’s no longer on Prime. Netflix has both seasons, but I think that it is just the original Japanese version with subtitles. I know that many people don’t mind that, but if you guys know where they can watch the the English dub version of the series, please let us know in the comments, and help your fellow Anime family member out.

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