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DBZ Your Way!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I’ll have mine with extra ass-kick, please…

Good afternoon my loyal Painkillers, gamers, and DBZ fans! Welcome to another addition of Grab A Buddy Monday. Today we will continue talking about DBZ games, since it is still Dragonball month after all. Normally I would start with the first game in the series, but I liked the second one in the series better. Well, let’s get into it. It’s time to grab your buddy, hook up your PS2, and let’s playDragon Ball Z: Budokai 2.

This game was released in North America in 2003 for the PlayStation 2, and for the Nintendo GameCube in 2004. I’ll be talking about the PS2 version of the game, cause that was the one I played. The main reason why I picked this game instead of the first one, is because this one goes through the entire DBZ series.(The first game stopped at Cell saga.)

Which means you have have a more characters to choose from throughout the entire series.

The game uses cel-shaded graphics, so it looks very similar to the show. Like many fighting games, they show a health gauge, and this also has a Ki bar that is used for special moves and Ki attacks. Your Ki gauge will slowly fill up every time you attack your opponent with punches, kicks, and throws. You can also fill up your Ki gauge, by charging up, but this leaves you open to attack. The cool thing about the Budokai series, is that you can customize fighters. You get to unlock skills and items that can be used for either all or just for certain characters. You get seven slots to fill, but some skills and items take up more than one slot. So you can make Goku a full powered Super Saiyan 3…

Or just give him the Kamehameha wave and a full senzu bean.

This game is tons of fun. Just customizing all of the characters and see how good or bad they are is fun by itself. If you can’t find the PlayStation 2 version, remember that this came out for the GameCube as well, so you do have some options. Until next time everyone.

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