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DC Breakdown: HQ S1 E1

“Til Death Do Us Part”

Good morning all and welcome Breakdown! Let’s get right into episode one of Harley Quinn.


Shows opens up with a bunch of rich white guys on a boat, celebrating with a large stack of money. Quinn shows up, demanding the money. They laugh at her, until the joker appears in the most fucked up way possible. Quinn argues with Joker about how their relationship should be more like partners, and not villain/sidekick. Batman appears, Joker escapes, and Quinn doesn’t give up Joke’s location, because she is convinced that Joker will break her out of Arkham, before the night is done.


Exactly one year goes by, and Harley is still locked up in Arkham. Thanks to an orange seed provided by The Riddler, Poison Ivy is able to escape, and brings Harley with her. Once at Ivy’s hideout, she convinces Harley to finally end things with the Joker. Unfortunately, when they get to his hideout, Joker cons Harley into staying with him.


After his escape, Riddler has a plan to have everyone laugh until their brains explode. Joker not liking this, sends Harley to go kill him. Quinn and Batman arrive at Riddler’s hideout at the same time. They get caught, and hung over acid. Riddler calls up Joker to come over, so he can decide who lives and who gets an acid bath. Joker tells Riddler to save Batman, and drop Harley, and he does. Harley gets pulled out by Ivy, and informs her that this was a trick, set up by Ivy and Riddler to show that Joker doesn’t care for her. Finally realizing this, Harley returns to Joker’s hideout with a new look, and to give the place a makeover!


That’s it for this breakdown. If you want to see it for yourself, check it out on DC Universe! See you all soon with episode two.

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