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DC Breakdown: HQ S1 E2

"A High Bar" Good morning all, and thank you for check out Breakdown. Let's get right into episode two of Harley Quinn.

This episode opens up at the Legion Of Doom headquarters, with some of the members checking on Joker after the breakup with Harley Quinn. He says that he is fine, but his body language tells another story. Joker decides to go on Good Morning Gotham, to say that he was the one that broke up with Harley, and to blow up host Howie Mandel. Both pisses Harley off, since her and Ivy were watching the show at the time, and Harley vows to get some public payback on Joker.

The ladies show up to Gotham Mint, thinking that the Legion Of Doom planned out a job there, and they were going to play spoilers. What was actually going on was the Penguin's nephew bar mitzvah. Harley tries to get Scarecrow, Two Face, and Bane on her side, but Joker showed up and ended that. Meanwhile, Ivy was being bothered by a low level villian named Kite Man, trying to convince her to do a job together.

Harley decides the only way she will get any respect from anyone is to rob the mint. Meanwhile, Kite man gave some kids Ivy's love potion thinking it was juice. They start to fall in love with her, and her and Kite Man go back to her place to get the antidote. Quinn gets into the vault, but finds out that the money inside was fake, and was there for Penguin's nephew to pull off his first "crime". Harley get caught by the Legion of Doom, Ivy and Kite Man show up in time, to have a brawl with the Legion. Everything comes to a hault when Joker gets a call from his contractor, and has to leave. At the end, Ivy drinks the antidote, and kisses each kid to cure them.

That's all for episode two. If you want to see it for yourself, check it out on DC Universe. I'll be back soon with a breakdown of episode three.

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