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DC Breakdown: HQ S1 E3

"So You Need A Crew?" Good morning HBCL Universe. Welcome to the latest edition of DC Breakdown. Let's get right into episode three of Harley Quinn. The episode opens up with Harley on a Russian train, trying to hijack the cargo. She is able to take out the guards, but is unable to unlock the door, since it requires three keys to open it simultaneously. Enter Joker and his crew. They unlock the door, take the cargo, and toss poor Harley off the train.

After returning to Ivy's place, and taking a shower, Harley explains to Ivy that she needs a crew. Ivy tells her that crews are overrated, as they watch Dr. Psycho take on Wonder Woman on the news. After a slip up with choice of words, he end up going to a Underworld PR firm to fix it, and Harley is there to be fitted for a crew. The firm turns her away, after they find out she is no longer with Joker, so she sets out to find a crew on her own.

Harley enters a dive bar, looking for recruits. Unfortunately, the guys there rather jump into a portal to their deaths, make up excuses, and work with the no plan having Kite Man, than work for her. Harly decides to drag Ivy to a seminar held by Maxie Zeus, to learn how to get a crew, but it didn't go over well. Harley tries to recruit Ivy, but is turned down. Ivy tells her the story about the Queen of Fables. Harley finds the Queen of Fables, and come to find out the super heroes trapped her in a tax book. They both think that it was because she was an overpowered woman, since the guys villians get send to Arkham.

After being told, she will not get anyone to work for her, since she is a woman, Harley was able to get Dr. Psycho and Clayface to work for her. There first job was to attack and steal from Maxie Zeus, which went well. The show ends with Ivy finding out that Harley held the city hostage, and they gave into her demands.

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with episode four. If you want to watch this show for yourself, check it out on DC Universe. Until next time everyone!

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