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DC Breakdown: HQ S1 E4

"Finding Mr. Right" Good morning HBCL Universe. Welcome back to DC Breakdown. Let's get right into episode four of Harley Quinn. The episode opens with Ivy cleaning up her hideout. Harley, Clayface, and Dr. Psycho come in excited that they were successful in robbing a bank. Their excitement, quickly turns to anger when all the news outlets are talking about Batman stopping Joker from robbing a credit union, and not them. Ivy tries to give some advice, but Harley takes it as she needs a nemesis.

The gang sets up a online profile to find a nemesis, but no luck. Clayface called Shark King to help them out, with the profile. Within seconds, they match with some no name guy. This pisses Harley off, since she wants a big time name like Batman. She thinks that she has a plan to get Batman to be her nemesis.

She is able to steal the Batmobile and go joyriding through the city in hopes of getting Batman to come and stop her. Instead, Robin (Damian Wayne) arrives. After a few verbal insults between them, Harley hangs Robin on a hook, not wanting to fight a kid. Robin is next seen on a TV talk show telling the story of his "epic" battle with Harley, and how she is his nemesis. This also leads to Louis Lane writing an article about Harley, that gives Harley the idea to kidnap Louis, so she could fight Superman. Superman does arrive, but so does Robin, ruining Harley's plan. She now wants to kill Robin.

Harley comes up with a plan that gets Robin to admit that he lied on national TV. Unfortunately, Shark King flips out after Robin has a nose bleed. Batman arrives to save Robin, Ivy arrives to save Harley, and the Joker arrives cause he is pissed that Batman was there fighting Harley, and not trying to stop him from robbing a bank. The four brawl with each other, until Joker grabs Robin and runs off with him, and Batman following behind. The episode ends with Ivy being evicted from her apartment, and Batman and Robin having a heart to heart about nemesis and sex.

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with episode five. If you want to watch this episode for yourself, you can find it on DC Universe.

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