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DC Breakdown YJ S1 E1

"Independence Day" Good morning all, and welcome to breakdown! Time to get right into things, with the very first episode of Young Justice. The show opens in Gotham with Mr. Freeze icing up a park, and Batman and Robin saying taking him out. Green Arrow and Speedy fight Icicle jr on a bridge in Star City. Aquaman and Aquamlad fight Killer Frost in Pearl Harbor. Flash and Kid Flash take out Captain Cold in Central City. After the fight each sidekick says that today is the day. All eight meet up in Washington D.C. in front of the Hall Of Justice.

Today is the day that Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, and Kid Flash thought that they were going to see and become members of the Justice League. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Speedy lets it slip that the Hall is just a front for the public, and that the League real base is in space know as the Watchtower. Speedy leaves in disgust, they leaguers leave for a mission, and after Robin hacks into the league computer, him, Kid Flash, and Aqualad go over to check out a fire at Project Cadmus.

Inside Cadmus, the boys discover that this place is much bigger than in looks on the outside. It has many underground levels filled with labs and creatures each with different abilities. The boys run into a hero know as Guardian. He has one of these creatures on his shoulder, that seems to have telekinesis. They get away from him, but Robin learns about Project Kr, and thry head there. Inside Project Kr, they find a clone of Superman. They decide to set it free, which turns out to be a mistake, cause it kicks that crap out of the three, and leaves them all laying.

Thats it for episode one, I'll be back soon with episode two. If you want to see this for yourself, find it on DC Universe.

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