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DC Breakdown: YJ S1 E2

"Fireworks" Good morning everyone, and welcome back to breakdown! Let's get right into episode two of Young Justice. The episode opens with Dr. Desmond contacting unknown members of a group known as the Light. He explains to them about the fire, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad appearance, and them waking the Superboy. He asked what to do with them. The Light tell him to clone the three, so the clones can serve the Light, and to get rid of the originals without a trace.

The three sidekicks awake with Superboy looking over them. They try to convince him to let them go and join them, and see the real sun, the moon, and actually meet Superman. Unfortunately, Dr. Desmond, Guardian, and the Genomorph creatures arrive. One creature hops on Superboy's shoulder to take over his mind, and get him back to his pod. The cloning process starts, Aqualad tries one last plea with Superboy telepathically. It works, as Superboy rescues the three, and Robin blows up the cloning pods.

As they try to escape, the have to fight/run from creatures. Along the way, Superboy finds out that he can't fly. He also is giving directions from one of the Genomorphs, that tell him later the he set the fire that brought Robin and the others there, so that all the Genomorphs could be free. Freed from the Genomorph control Guardian is back the aid the good guys, just in time for Dr. Desmond to turn himself into a monster using a Project Blockbuster sryum. The fight is a tough one, but Robin comes up with a plan that drops the building on the monster.

Outside Superboy finally sees the moon, Superman, and the rest of the Justice League. He tells Superman, that he is his clone. Batman askes for an explanation for everything. Batman, Flash, and Aquaman, tell them that this will be the last time they do something like this. The three sidekicks tell them no, since they did some good today, and will continue acting like a team. Superboy ends the conversation with "get on board, or get out of the way!".

The last sceen takes place in Mount Justice. This was a sanctuary for the League. Batman tells the four boys, since they plan on being a team, they will do under League rules. Red Tornado will live with them there, and Black Canary will be their trainer. Batman will be in charge of giving them real missions, but the missions will be covert missions. We are then introduced to Martian Manhunter's niece, Miss Martian making her the fifth member of the team. That's it for this episode, I'll be back soon with episode three in Young Justice. If you want to check this show out for yourself, get a DC Universe account.

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