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DC Breakdown: YJ S1 E3

"Welcome To Happy Harbor" Good morning HBCL Universe. Welcome back to another installment of DC Breakdown. Let's get right into episode three of Young Justice. The episode opens with Speedy interfering with Brick's smuggling operation on the docks. Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad assist, while telling him about the cave, and the new team. Still feeling disgusted, and betrayed by the League, Speedy declines the offer, calling the new team a joke.

Back at Mount Justice Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian greet Red Tornado outside, in hopes that he has a mission for them. When he doesn't, Megan (Miss Martian) and Superboy take the others on a tour of the place, since the two of them live there. The tour is interrupted when Superboy smells smoke. Turns out Megan was trying to bake cookies, and she learns that using her powers to jump into someone mind is a big no no on earth. She then introduces the team to her bio ship.

After a little joy ridding, and Megan showing off some of her powers, Red Tornado calls the team to check out a disturbance. They run into a villian calling himself Mr. Twister. After being tossed around for a while, the team tells Megan to read his mind. When she can't, she is under the impression that Twister is Red Tornado, since they share similar abilities. The team gets tossed aroind again, since its not Tornado, and the boys bench Megan.

After calling Tornado, Megan comes up with a plan, and using her telepathy, tells the team what it is. Her plan works, and they are able to destroy Twister. Unknown to the team Brom Stikk and T.O. Morrow are watching. They were the one that sent Mr. Twister, to find Red Tornado. The show ends with Red Tornado explaining to the team, that he will not inject himself into their battles, and with Superboy apologising to Megan.

Thats all for now. I'll be back soon with episode four. If you want to check this show out for yourself, hit up DC Universe and watch it there. Until next time everyone!

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