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DC Breakdown: YJ S1 E4

"Drop Zone" Good morning HBCL Universe. Welcome back to another edition of DC Breakdown. Let's get right into episode four of Young Justice. This episode opens with Bane and and members of the cult Kobra inside a Venom facility in Santa Prisca. Kobra wants Bane to fight their champion, and he agrees. Bane is given his Venom, while Kobra's champion Mammoth, is injected with a version of Kobra Venom, turning him into a huge monster. As quickly as the fight starts, it end with Mammoth knocking out Bane.

Batman finally gives the team their first mission. They are to observe and report back what is going on at the venom facility in Santa Prisca. They fly over on the bio ship, and Aqualad is dropped off first to take care of the sensors, while the rest of the team heads for a different drop zone. As they head towards the facility, Robin disappears. Kid Flash goes to looks for him, but ends up in between a gun fight between Kobra and Bane and his men.

The team has no choice but to break stealth, since both sides are shooting at Kid Flash. Robin appears from the shadows, as Aqualad catches up to the group. They take down both sides, and figure out that Kobra has shut down the venom supply lines, but want to know what they are doing with the venom. Bane offers to help the team get into the facility as a ploy, but he doesn't know that Superboy is on to him. Bane is able to get the team inside, but the lack is leadership is so bad, that even Bane comments on it. Robin and Kid Flash find the venom formula and the project blockbuster formula. They figure out that combining the two makes the venom three times stronger, and the affects permanent. They try to to inform the rest of the team but get nothing. Sportmaster arrives to receive this new venom. Bane starts a fight with some Kobra members, and all hell breaks loose. Superboy is dealing with Mammoth, Bane slides out of the fight, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Miss Martian are dealing with the Korba members. Robin wants to go after the Kobra leader, but Aqualad calls him back so they can all retreat. Knowing that he has screwed up, Robin passes leadership of the team to Aqualad.

First order of business under Aqualad, is to make sure the shipment of venom doesn't get off the island. Bane take this time to betray the team, but is delt with quickly. The team took down Kobra, Sportsmaster, and blew up the facility. The show ends with Batman chewing out the team, but telling them good job.

That is all for this episode. I'll be back with episode 5 soon. If you want to check this episode out, head over to DC Universe. Untill next time everyone.

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