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December Release Day

Ho ho ho, Half-Baked fam! Distiila here, back with a few games that you may want to find under your Christmas tree. Let’s jump right in.

First up for PS4: Ashen


A battle between light and dark; Ashen tells the story of a wanderer looking for a place to call home. Set in a sunless world, you venture out to bring some semblance of normal life back into the world. The relationships you forge with NPCs will help you along the way, as some can actively fight by your side. And with passive co-op, don’t be surprised to see other wanderers in the world who may assist you.


Ashen is set for release December 9th, 2019

Up next for Xbox: Everreach: Project Eden Eden


A beautiful and uninhabited planet, is the perfect escape from the overcrowded Earth. You play Lieutenant Nora Harwood, part of the Everreach security division. Your mission is to secure the colonization process and investigate an incident involving the first settlement. Explore a vast alien world and uncover the ancient secrets of a long-forgotten civilization. Maybe Eden isn’t so uninhabited after all..


Everreach: Project Eden is set for release December 4th, 2019

Last up for Nintendo Switch: Tick Tock: A Tale for Two


You and a friend are trapped inside a game created by a clockmaker. In order to escape, you must work together to solve various puzzles and uncover secrets. Each of you will have bits and pieces and will have to talk to each other (face to face/call/skype/discord) to work out the details. Communication is key in this game, so be ready to read and discuss your findings every step of the way.


Tick Tock: A Tale for Two is set for release December 5th, 2019

That’s a (gift) wrap for your December releases. Happy Holidays! Until next time..

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