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Deep-Dive – 1: Why Are You So Dumb?

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

No, really– Why?

Hello everyone, Captain Pain here. I hope that you have liked all of the new articles that have come out so far this month. This is a new article from me, that I’m calling “Deep Dive“. In this series of articles, I will be trying my best to answer some questions, or try to clear up somethings that we have see in video games, animes, television, and other things that I’ll come across, or broght to my attention. So then, its time to dive into the pool! Come join me, the water is fine.

Whether it is Goku, Naruto, Luffy, and even Usagi we all know that they are dumb. There are many other characters in anime thst are pretty dumb as well. You may be asking yourself, why do the creators of the show make their main characters so dumb? Well don’t worry, the Captain is here to try to answer that question for you.

Simple answer for you, its done as a plot device, so they can explain things to us, the audience. When it’s done right, it comes off smoothly, and it makes sense. In some cases, the dumb main character has a student/teacher relationship like Goku and Master Roshi. Other relationships that you might see, is the dumb friend/smart friend(s) relationship such as Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Scouts. Because of these relationships, the characters explaining things don’t come off as smug or as if they are better than the main character. They tend to come off as likeable to the audience, therefore we accept their explanations. So in all actuality, when something is being explained, to our dumb hero, the story is actually being explained to us, so that way we are not lost.


Someone call for a dumb hero?~

So now you may be wondering, “Cap, what happens when the main character is smart, but they need to explain something to us?” To answer that, let’s look at Yu-Gi-Oh, the OG card game series. Now Yugi/Yami are very smart when it comes duels. Therefore he is usually the one doing the explaining during someone elses duel, or his internal monologue during his own duel. Then you have characters like Joey and Téa. Now Joey is the dumb character, so he gets help from Yugi, and we as the audience, tend to be ok with it. But then we have someone like Téa, Ugh! She is just there to recap what is going on during Yugi’s duels cause Joey is too dumb to understand what is going on. Because of this, Téa is actually talking to us, and she comes off as annoying as hell. Especially when the majority of her speeches comes right after a commercial break, letting it seem like we can’t remember what happened three minutes ago. Ugh, I definitely would rather have Kakashi, or any one of the Sailor Scouts explain things to me, 10 out of 10 times over a Téa or any character like her.

I hope that this has cleared up somethings for you guys. If you have any questions that you may want answered, hit me up on Twitter @CThehbcl, and use the #deepdive. Until next time everyone!

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