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Draft Lottery BS

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

(Quick note, this was written before free agency started, so some stuff may be out of date now!)

As a sports fan, I can’t wait for the drafts! I normally can’t wait to see what college player goes to what team, and if my team picked someone that would help them out right away! With that being said, I fucking hate the NBA Draft Lottery! Its total bullshit! The NBA claims that they do the draft lottery because it stops teams from tanking games, and it provides parody in the league, which again are total bullshit!

Now in a regular draft, like how the NFL does, picks go based on teams records the past season. So the team with the worst record gets the fist pick each round. Then the second worst team gets the second pick, and it continues this way until the team that won the championship, gets the last pick, ending the round, and they move onto the next round in the same order. Now the order can easily change due to trade deals in the past, or deals that day, but that is the basic of how their draft works. The NBA on the other hand, oh boy strap in!

So with the NBA draft lottery, there is a lot of numbers involved. So there are 30 teams in the NBA, 16 of those teams make the playoffs, while the other 14 are lottery teams. So how is draft pick order determined? Well, they take numbered balls 1-14 put them into one of those hoppers you see on tv when your local lottery drawing in on. 4 balls are drawn, and there are 1001 different combinations that these balls can come out. Now before the 2019 lottery the worst team was given 250 of of those combinations, given them a 25% chance of getting the number one pick in that years draft. The next team was given a lower amount of combinations, and so on until team 14 was given 5 combinations given them a 0.5% chance of getting that first pick. Now once the first 4 picks in the draft are assigned to teams, the remaining picks were now assigned to teams based on records. In this year’s draft, the three worst teams were given the same amount of combinations 140, given them a 14% chance of getting that pick.

So why was that change you may ask. There have been a few teams claiming ahead of time that they were going to have the 1st pick in the draft, with one or two actually getting the first pick in that year’s draft. The main thing came from a few years ago when the Philadelphia 76ers General Manager came out and said that they team was going to suck the next few years, going to build in the draft, and hopefully win a championship. This strategy allowed them to receive a few top 5 picks, 2 #1 overall picks, and combined with trades/free agency, they were a “members bounce” away from going into overtime in game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals this past season. The league didn’t like that, and changed things up.

So why do I think that the lottery draft is Bullshit? Because the whole thing is flawed. How the fuck does a team, that most of the time they just missed making the playoffs, has a chance of getting the first overall pick in the draft? Total bullshit! They should have no chance in hell in getting a top 5 pick, nevermind the #1 pick. Next it doesn’t stop teams from tanking, in my opinion it actually encourages it. Now I get it, a league that depends on fans buying tickets/merchandise/sports packages, doesn’t want them spending their hard earn cash to watch games where teams are not playing to win. But most fans know if there team is good or not, and they will tell you that they would rather see their team loose and get better in the draft, if it meant winning a championship in the near future. So if teams are already tanking, and some of the fanbase doesn’t care, then why is the league not just doing away with the lottery? They are afraid that bad teams and bad games due to tanking will make people stop watching and buying tickets. So like always it comes down to money.

The league talks about parody, and that is a fucking joke! This may have been a key issue back in 1985 when they first start the lottery system, but parody doesn’t mean shit today. The players have more control over everything these days. They get together and decide on what team they are going to play for and with who. Don’t think so? Go look at LeBron James career. Him and the other players having control is the reason why he played in 8 straight NBA Finals with two different teams, or a team like the Golden State Warriors have played in the last 5 finals. Hell, at the time I’m writing this, a few days ago, Anthony Davis agent let it known that teams could trade for him, but he will only be there for a year. And now a few minutes ago, I got an alert saying that Davis is being traded to the Lakers, to play with, LeBron Motherfucking James. So where is the parody the league is talking about? Do they really mean that because rookies are locked into bullshit rookie deals? Then what happens? They either leave their bullshit team, or they find a way to get players to play with them on one team. Some parody! I’m Captain Pain, and Fuck You!!!

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