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Dragonball F’up!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Five minutes, my ass…

Good morning all! Just like everyone that is a Dragonball fan, we are all excited that more episodes of Dragonball Super will be coming soon. Unfortunately, deep down, I kinda want the show to just fucking end already! It just not the same show that I fell in love with. If you look back from the original Dragonball series, all the way to the current end of Super now, you understand what I mean.

In the original series, we meet Goku, and all he wants to do is to learn martial arts and get stronger. Thoughout this part of the series, Goku and the rest of the Scooby gang learn new techniques, deploy different strategies on the fly, and pretty much did what it took to win. Unfortunately, things like power levels, power scaling, and power balance enter the franchise, and threw everything else out the fucking window! So instead of trying to figure out a way to defeat a new stronger enemies by using tactics and skills, it has become I must hit you with an attack that is higher than your bullshit made up number, and hope that you don’t dodge it, or counter with an attack that is equal to or greater than the bullshit number my attack has. So the show, has become their card game!

The show has been a lot of lather, rinse, and repeat. Meaning training, a big bad shows, people get smacked around, more training/some mystical unlocking of hidden power bullshit, big bad gets knocked around, summon the dragon if needed, peace, repeat. The crazy ass animation, to show how strong some characters are when they fire off energy beams/waves doesn’t help either. Like I really don’t give a fuck what effects you use when powerful characters blow up planets, when someone like Cui had the potential to do the same. Don’t believe me, well let’s take a look back. So remember when Vegeta and Nappa were heading to Earth to collect the Dragonballs? Well, they made a pit stop at a planet named Arlia, that odd bug like planet. Anyway, as a parting gift, Vegeta blows the planet up. At that time, Cui has a higher power level than Vegeta (not by much, but he is), but after getting smacked up on Earth, Vegeta gets the power boost, and becomes way stronger than Cui. So if Vegeta could blow up a planet at that time, so could Cui right? And in that case, can’t most of the Dragonball cast? And why the fuck do they act like they can’t?

As I stated, I can’t wait for the new episodes of Dragonball Super to air, but I’m just tired of the silly nonsense that has been going on for years. I hope that there will be a season where things look and feel like the original Dragonball series one day, and not the bullshit that we see now.

I’m Captain Pain, and Fuck You!

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