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Dragonball Overload!!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

~The following message is brought to you by Captain Pain~

Welcome everyone! Thank you for taking a break from your holiday shopping and eating to check out what is going on here at the HBCL. Normally I do these kinds of articles on the first of each month, but we are so jammed packed , that I figured that it would be better if I just did this the day before, and got into it on the first. So, tomorrow starts Dragonball month.

Thats right ladies and gentlemen you will see articles on movies, video games, and sagas that may come from the original series, Z, GT, or maybe even Super. All articles will be written as Saturday Morning Cinema, Grab A Buddy Monday, and Anime Wednesday style. So, does that mean that all articles will be written by me? Hell no! I tricked the Chairman to write some up as well. Reason being I want to see how he would do with some of my articles, and also there will no Saturday Morning Cinema, Grab A Buddy Monday, and Anime Wednesday articles for the month of January.

Yes, you read that right. Reason being is that I usually write my articles a month ahead of time. Which means I would normally write up my articles for January in December. Unfortunately, since it is getting busy at my job, thanks to the holidays I won’t have the time to watch, play, and do the research I normally do for my video game and anime articles. So I will be doing some new articles for January, and hopefully they go over well. Don’t worry, those articles will return in February. So as for now come back tomorrow, and hopefully enjoy Saturday Morning Cinema!

~End of message~

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