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Driving Without a License

Disclaimer: I received this product free for review purposes.

Greetings Leaguelettes-- it is I,

The Chairman!

It's been a bit since I've reared my ugly shoulder bump to the general public, but here we are!

I come before you today to share some thoughts on a game I've recently had the pleasure of fiddling with recently.

Ahh yes, No Pest Productions, makers of such fine games as ... well, this one, and another remarkably similar to it called A Bastard's Tale.

Not that similar is bad, mind you-- there are a lot of things to like here. Which isn't to say there aren't things to... UNlike here... Anyways, let's get into it shall we?

The game features a rather lovely 16-bit art style reminiscent of Genesis era gaming. Sure-- the Super Nintendo was capable of such (if not more-so) beautiful graphics but I specifically mention Sega's entry into the foray specifically due to the sound of Driven Out.

I can't help but find myself thinking back to Golden Axe.. Anyways--

The game itself finds you, a humble farmer-- tending her land on a beautifully sunny day when suddenly you're accosted by a rather clumsy Knight, leading a charge against the countryside.

Suddenly acquiring his weapon, he attacks you with a wooden switch the likes of which would make yer Nana jealous.

Nana gon' get chu...

And now you may begin your journey, Stage:Right. Unless you wanna go left... which you can. But don't...

Anyways-- Driven Out plays a bit like a Souls game in that deliberate combat is required. No willy-nilly here folks... Instead of a handy dodge-roll however, all you've got to defend yourself in a sword weighing about half as much as our heroine.

For how much she struggles with the blade, it's impressive how much punishment she can take in defense..

The key to victory here is well timed blocking and a nice counterattack here and there..

Maybe it's me, perhaps I'm just not good at it.. but it seems overly difficult. Your blows are slow, and no movement is possible in-between them. You have to clumsily turn left or right to face off against threats which can either appear seemingly out of nowhere, or otherwise teleport to strike quickly from behind..

There are times in which it seems damage is unavoidable-- and getting tilted even a little certainly throws your performance off.

I must say though-- it's satisfying when victory is yours. At least...in most cases. It can occasionally be bittersweet at best when you simply wish to progress. Progression too, can be infuriating, as your only means of a checkpoint is a device you can drop with a sort of charge to it. This prevents you from placing too many as you go..

Anyways, if you die-- you respawn at said point for a second go-- and it can even serve as a check point in-between respawns. The trouble here is that some enemies can destroy this device if placed too close to them... infact-- some enemies will actively hunt down this object to destroy it...


Frustrating but amusing for a bit-- and though I received a copy for free; I believe the current asking price of 14.99 is a bit too steep.

Luckily however, the fine folks at No Pest Productions have provided a demo on Steam you can try before you buy!

Inn't that special?

Anyways, give it a shot for yourself! Find it here!

Until next time kiddies--

We're adjourned~

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