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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

*Disclaimer: This is a review for a product that was kindly given to us free of charge, for the purposes OF this review.

Greetings Leaguelettes, It is I!



Why, The Chairman of course~

Such a handsome devil…

Anyways– Today I present to you my opinions pertaining to a delightful piece of software that serves a number of purposes.

Allow me to introduce:

By these amazing folks~

This beautifully made little tool is an isometric mapping software that offers a slew of built in pieces-parts to craft a custom locale with a hand-drawn look.

The applications of this are varied, as I’d mentioned earlier– and in what sense? You may be asking.

Well please:


The Tabletop Hobbyist:

An obvious choice, for certain– and for good reason to boot. I mean, with a single look at the editor and it’s offerings, the benefits of its gridular design become clear.

Especially for use with miniatures or for general frames of reference with regards to distance and obstructions.

And yes– I said gridular.

The Level Designer:

So maybe tabletops arent your jam. Perhaps instead, you’re in the business of making environments for your game. Wouldn’t it be handy to have a method of quickly producing layouts for rooms, caverns, outdoor areas and thensome.

Using the provided tools, you can do exactly that– In no time at all, creating several concept images of various environments, and even see them from different views by rotating their perspectives.

The Architect of the Damned:

Perhaps none of the above pertain to you at all.

What if instead, you’ve been hired by a demonic overlord to construct for him-and-or-her a lair of irrefutable torment and despair?!

How neat would that be?

Anyways– DungeonBuilder is the software for you my friend.

The Aloof Artist:

And Finally–

Having trouble getting perspectives down for your various fantasy scapes? Well look no further my friend~

The simplistic nature of the provided tools makes for an easy means of slapping together something lovely in which to test various object placements against. Giving you the perfect frame of reference for your own pieces.

And why not go further still?

Fancy seeing your own artwork displayed in the editor? Or perhaps you wish to collect a variety of pieces to construct the ultimate locations?

Well with support for NexusMods, you can do just that! In the end~

I recommend this tool for really anyone looking to quickly create their own custom isometric environments.

For whatever nefarious purposes you may have.

So go on and say hi to the good people at HobByte and pick yourself up a copy of DungeonBuilder.

It’s €59 or about $70 USD for you interested parties– a fairly decent price considering the functionality provided.

With that said– I take leave of you, my pretties.

And your little dogs too~

We’re adjourned.

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