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Elephant In The Room

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A literal pack o’ derms…

Good morning everyone, Captain Pain here! So I’m going to try to make this article quick and painless for everyone. I’m going to address two things that has happened with the HBCL in the past few weeks. Alright let’s get this over and done with!

So issue #1, as some may or may not have noticed, but the book review articles have been suspended! Without going into full details, all of the staff felt that the book review was a good concept to have, especially when our goal is to be different, and to have many creative people under the HBCL umbrella. Unfortunately, the person that was doing it for us, did not fit in with what we were looking for with trying to expand our brand. So if anyone is interested in doing book reviews, or any other articles for The HBCL, email me at captainpain.hbcl@gmail.com and let me know

So issue #2, so again some of you may or may not have seen this, but you may have noticed on Twitter and/or Instagram the names @DundonKatherine and deadlydivine69. You may have been asking yourself, who the fuck is that? Well, to make that answer short and sweet, she is Mrs. Pain!

She is doing a lot of the behind the scenes stuff for us. Things like marketing, finding affiliates, and doing things that myself or The Chairman can’t do, won’t do, or just dont have time to do. Don’t be afraid to drop by, and say hi! Until next time everyone! Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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