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Enough With The Anti Halloween BS

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

Wow! October already! Guess that means everyone has been running around eating and drinking some pumpkin spice crap for at least a month now. Not me, I hate that shit. Best part of October for me, and many other people is Halloween. The spooky themes, horror movies, cool costumes, and people handing out candy. How can you hate that? Well, some people do, and most of them are the typical religious fuck nuggets that think that everyone should live like them, think like them, and should just be anti fun. Fuck those pieces of shit!

Halloween has truly changed since I was a kid. For example, when I went Trick or Treating as a child, I actually went on Halloween. These days in a lot of places in the US, they celebrate Halloween either on the last Friday or Saturday in October. This is mostly for “safety”. Guess too many kids were out late trying to get candy on a Tuesday night, and they never made it home. Unfortunately, since I live in a town that does the last Friday Trick or Treating, not many people are giving out candy. Cause most people are out and about enjoying their Friday night, or they completely forgot that it was “Halloween” night, since its not actually Halloween.

Now, I’m not mad about trying to keep people safe, I’m pissed about the religious people that are out trying to ruin people fun. This is not an attack on all religions or on all religious people, just the assholes that do this nonsense. They always start off with “Halloween is a Pagan holiday!”. So fucking what! Last time I checked, didn’t people come to America to escape religious percussion? So why the fuck does it seem to be ok now, or better yet, why do people think that their religion is better than other religions, just because that’s the one they believe in? By the way, if they are so worried about certain holidays origins, they should look up the true origins of Christmas, and it has nothing to do with Jesus!

Another thing that gets thrown around that its devils work! Really!? They are fucking kids! They are not out trying to summon demons, they are out having fun and trying to get as much candy as they can. Enough with your bullshit! Also if teenagers show up at your door in costumes wanting candy, just give it to them! I rather them out getting candy, than doing something dumb like doing a shit load of drugs, or trying to rob someone! I hope that everyone has a good Halloween! I’m Captain Pain, and fuck you!

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