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Enter The Dead Zone!

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I shall forever stand by my favorite seasoning…

Good evening Painkillers and Anime fans, and welcome to another addition of Saturday Morning Cinema. (Or what was SUPPOSED to be Saturday Morning if not for technical issues…)

Since we are in Dragonball month, I figured that I would kick things off a short movie. So, without further delay here is Dragonball Z: Dead Zone.

This movie came out in Japan in 1989, and opens up with Piccolo (still evil at this time) getting attacked by some shadowed figures. Later, the same group attacks Chi-Chi, the Ox King, and kidnap Gohan for the four star Dragon Ball on his hat. Goku was out fishing at the time, sense the danger but showed up too late.

The shadowed figures are revealed to be the henchmen of Garlic Jr. He needs the Dragon Balls so he can wish for immortality. Can Goku rescue Gohan and stop Garlic Jr in time before he makes his wish? Will anyone come help stop this threat? Just who the hell is Garlic Jr anyway? You can find all of this out and more by watching this movie for yourself.

This movie is pretty good. Even though it is slightly longer than an average episode, it gets right to the point. If you are new to the series, this is a good movie to to start off with. I couldn’t find this movie on any streaming service, so you may have to hit up something like ITunes, or you can just buy it here.

Until next time everyone.

Captain Pain approves this post!!!

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