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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A look at videogames with vampiric protagonists!

Good morning Leaguelettes— or should I say…

Today is a bit of a short and sweet run through of some titles with .. well– Vampires as their playable characters!

And why not? Blood Suckers are a staple of the Halloween jive, are they not? So– let’s get to it, shall we?!


Be it Redemption, where you play as a cursed crusader during one of Europes darkest times– or Bloodlines, a modern twist with first-person gun play and powers out the ass; these RPG’s inspired by White-Wolf’s tabletop of the same name, will leave little to the imagination as to what it would be like to stalk a humaney prey, and survive the dark all while maintaining your own humanity.

Redemption takes you into the shoes of Christof Romuald, a French crusader and veeeeery religious Knight of the church. His god fearing ways save him naught, for he is transformed into a Brujah clan vampire early on– He must deal with his own personal blasphemy; a journey that will take him from 12th century Prague to 20th century New York.

With a good, a bad, and a what the fuck ending available– it may very well be worth the journey, despite it’s dated gameplay and look. Check it out~

Bloodlines however, takes a vastly different approach to Vampirism. And I adored it. In Bloodlines, you play the much less linear role of …whoever you want, really.

Keeping true to the White Wolf roots of tabletop gameplay, you’re able to create your own character– select which clan you become a part of (which largely just sets your abilities…) and take the Masquerade right to the streets.

Ahh yes– 21st century Los Angeles– from Santa Monica alllll the way to Chinatown, you can run amuk with your vampiric powers, and feast on unwitting citizens. Sound like fun? Good– cause there’s even a haunted house to explore fairly early on and it unsettled the crap out of me back on 2004… I wonder how it holds up today…

Also obvious~

Despite the fact that our protagonist here is only HALF vampire…and renounces it with every fiber of his being– we simply cannot discuss a topic such as this without including Castlevania.

Now I hear you all– why not just do Lords of Shadow 2? right? ….I won’t dignify that with a reponse~

Moving along– Alucard Tepes Dracula, son of… Vlad, if you weren’t able to tell– wakes after a long slumber, to take the fight to his father and free the land of his shadowy hold! And boy howdy, he looks great doing it.

My how times and style change~

Maybe he’s un-born with it? Maybe its Maybelline?

Either way– the gentleman demands a stop to his fathers evil. And so he shall have it!

What do you get when you cross Nazi’s, with a bad ass bitch vampire?

See above for answer.

Since we’re following the half-vampire trend here, Rayne deserves a place on this list. Taking place between 1933 and 1938– Rayne takes the fight to the Nazi army under the flag of the “Brimstone Society”. A shadowy organization bent on protecting humanity from supernatural threats. So sayeth the Wiki~

Gameplay is much as you’d expect from a 3rd person shooter/hack’em’up and frankly, it does a fair job at capturing the attention. Mind you– not just because of the half-naked vampiress you command with controller in hand… Naughty boy.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of other titles out there with Vampiric protagonists– Vampyr comes to mind… But these are just a few of the ones I’ve personally enjoyed– and I haven’t even played Vampyr yet so… there ya have it!

I hope you enjoyed our tour of blood-sucking big-shots in gaming history– And with that my friends, I take my leave of you.

But keep your eyes open for more Half-Baked Oktoberfest goodness coming your way!

Consilio et Animus, sanguisuges!

We’re adjourned~

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