From There to Here and Then Some.

So now we’re here. And so are you, and assuming the ass half of my statement is true, I bet you’re wondering what comes next…

Well, the league and I are actively underway, stockpiling the various hardware elements required to bring you folks a fully commentated lets play series on the You(seriesof)Tubes however, seeing as patience is not a virtue for which I’m personally known; I’ve already begun amassing some goodies to provide a content schedule of sorts. This will give you a rough idea of how often you can expect to find something new from us as well as any special tricks and/or treats we may have in store!

Look forward to getting your mitts on this later in the week.Or be completely surprised by it… See if I care.

Beyond that, the rest of the site is being pieced together,organized and RE-organized so expect some changes to how things look and feel as we get our feet wet, here. We appreciate your understanding and shall reward you with a plethora to read, watch and enjoy in the days to come!

Until Later! We’re adjourned~

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