Girl With The Living Sheath

Good morning Painkillers, and welcome to another addition of Anime Wednesday. Today I have a treat for you, but first a few questions. What would you do if you live in a world, where dueling with swords was still a thing? What if you had a special sword, that was drawn from a living sheath? How would you treat this living sheath? Well maybe this anime will answer some questions, so let’s dive into Revolutionary Girl Utena.

The show starts off following the main character, Utena Tenjou. At a young age, she was impressed by a very kind prince, that she decided to become a prince herself. Now as a teenager, she attends the Ohtori Academy. She is most known in the school, as a tomboy, since she doesn’t wear the normal female uniform, but a uniform that looks more masculine. While at the school she meets fellow classmate Anthy Himemiya. She is currently in an abusive relationship with another classmate. Determined to be like the prince she meet years ago, and to defend Anthy’s honor, Utena challenges Anthy’s boyfriend, and beats him in a sword duel.

Utena didn’t know and didn’t understand at the time that beating him in a duel, meant that Anthy now belonged to her. Anthy is known as the Rose Bride. She holds a special sword that is wielded by the person she is “engaged” to. Utena must now enter duel after duel to not only protect Anthy from people that want to hurt her, but to also keep the power that she has safe.

This 39 espoide series is a true classic. The show goes through four different story arcs, which is very odd for a series this short, but not only does this show pulls it off, they do it really well. The first arc sets up the relationship between Utena and Anthy, so by the time the fourth arc comes in at the end, makes what happens a complete surprise. The way the duels are set up are really interesting, since most of the time we are used to seeing/hearing duels to the death, unless its a card game. This is definitely a must watch show, which I rewatched recently on an app called Tubi TV. It’s free, so you have to watch some ads, but this show is worth it. Until next time Painkillers.

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